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Secret To Getting More Sales

In his landmark book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, psychologist Dr Robert Cialdini wrote about an experiment that was conducted by a Harvard social psychologist Ellen Langer. In the experiment Ellen Langer tried to cut queue in a library photocopy machine. First she asked, “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox

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Systemise Your Business’s Success

Traders rely on charts, historical data and patterns to predict when to buy into the market and what prices to pay for their stock. Well, guess what? PestBusters (a pest management company), also uses charts, historical data and patterns to predict pest infestations so they know when to implement preventive measures and what proactive steps

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Provide Overwhelming Proof

The marketplace is a distrusting bunch. With Enron still fresh in the public minds, in just a short period of time we witnessed the fall of Lehman Brothers, the conviction of Bernard Madoff, the collapse of many investment instruments, the unravelling of the banking system and many other crises due to treacheries. Who can blame

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You Can Only Expect What You Inspect

A lot of CEOs and business owners are insulated from the ground because they are surrounded by personal assistants, managers, et cetera. So to get a feel of what’s happening on the ground, some of them resort to conducting unannounced visits or using mystery shopping services to find out if their staff is doing what

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Get Them While They Are Still Young

Let’s be realistic here, establishing trust takes time. You can promise all you want but only time will tell a customer whether your brand really lives up to its claims and promises. However, we have found several really effective ways to create instantaneous trust between your brand and your customers. We talked in detail about

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