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Educators- Should You Be Investing In Marketing Now?

October is fast approaching — which means only one thing for tuition-centre owners like yourself: The End-Of-Year exams are coming. And for most tuition centres, the most logical thing to do is to focus their efforts on preparing their students for the end-of-year exams… Because if your students don’t perform well, then it won’t inspire

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Top 4 Considerations Parents Have When Picking Tuition Centres

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried every marketing technique in the book, if you don’t handle these 4 considerations parents have… You will always lose potential students to your competitors who address these considerations. How well you handle these considerations can make the difference between your centre becoming one of the great brands like Mindchamps

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Local Startup

So, instead of going down the steel path most have abused, you decide that you want to join a local startup because you see yourself as being more "entrepreneurial". You're hungrier, more determined and you have the "do whatever it takes to get s**t done" mentality. Most people don't get it but you do. As

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5 Reasons Why Parents Pick Competitors Over You

You’ve spent countless hours planning out your dream tuition centre. Everything is in place. And you’re sure you have all the bases covered. You’ve researched the most effective teaching methods, you hired good teachers, and you’ve even come up with a great slogan like “We will help your child get an A* in Math/Science/English”. It’s

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9 Direct-Response Marketing Methods To Create A Sharp Break-through In Your Tuition Business In 2018!

GrowthTribe has created over $200,000 worth of direct-response advertising in Facebook Ads, Flyers & Emails for industry players like Happy Train, iSun Education, EduEdge Learning Hub, Eye Level & other clients. In the process, we’ve learnt that this unique form of advertising can help sell almost any form of education. From premium-priced $5,000 PSLE Bootcamps

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