Why More SG Education Centres Are Jumping On The Facebook Bandwagon, And Why You Should Too

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All good things must come to an end — and that’s the case with print advertising today.

10 years ago, newspaper, flyer and magazine advertising were THE go-to mediums for all sorts of businesses… especially for the education industry.


Cos’ it was the easiest and cheapest way to get your education programs in front of millions of readers in a really short time…

But here’s the thing:

Today, print advertising is the MOST EXPENSIVE form of advertising around.

Just check out this marketing statistics from the highly-respected Moz blog:

(Statistics by Moz, 2014 – https://moz.com/blog/1-dollar-per-day-on-facebook-ads)

As you can see, it costs a whopping $32 and $20 to use Newspaper and Magazine advertising respectively, just to reach every 1000 people!

What does this mean for you?

In order to reach 1,000,000 Singaporeans using Newspaper ads— for example — you’d have to fork out a staggering $32,000!

And using Magazine ads isn’t that much cheaper as well — costing a painful $20,000.

If you’re an education-centre owner with a limited budget to splurge on advertising, you simply can’t afford to be spending this kind of big bucks on print advertising, to get the constant stream of new sign-ups you desperately need.

Cos as a smart business-owner, I’m sure you’ll agree that you want the most effective and CHEAPEST medium to reach as many of your target audience as you possibly can.

And if you’re looking for the most effective and cheapest medium of advertising TODAY…

Facebook Is Undoubtedly The Best Advertising Medium

But hey, don’t just take my word for it — check out the stats from Moz again:

(Statistics by Moz, 2014 – https://moz.com/blog/1-dollar-per-day-on-facebook-ads)

To reach every 1,000 people of your audience, all you need to fork out is a jaw-droppingly low 25 CENTS!

So using the same example earlier, if you want to reach 1,000,000 people… it will only cost you a super-affordable $250.

That’s 12,800% cheaper than using Newspaper ads and 8,000% cheaper than Magazine ads!

Yes, Facebook Advertising is undeniably the CHEAPEST form of advertising you can find today in order to reach the maximum possible amount of your target audience…

Simply put:

You spend way less to reach even MORE prospective customers.

And that’s music to every education-centre owner’s ears 🙂

But saving you tons of money isn’t the only reason why more and more Singaporean education-centre owners are jumping on the Facebook band wagon (though that’s a HUGE bonus)…

When You Use Facebook Ads, You Can Target ONLY The Most Highly-Interested Parents That Will Enrol Their Kids In Your Programs

Let’s be honest:

Would you want to spend tons of your precious advertising dollars just to attract parents who are not interested in your programs?

That’s like burning money just to get a bunch of disinterested “window-shoppers” who come down to your centre just to “look-see-look-see” and “compare prices” to your competitors — only to end up NOT signing up for ANY of your programs, or even worse, signing up with your “cheaper” competitors instead…

Resulting in you wasting your time, effort, and most importantly (and painfully)… MONEY.

It just doesn’t make business sense, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Unfortunately, when you use print advertising, there’s an extremely high chance of the “horror-story” scenario above happening to you, cos’ of one simple fact:

It’s extremely difficult to target your IDEAL parents using Print Advertising!

Now, I can already hear some skeptics shouting:

“But if you place your ads in the kind of magazines that parents usually read, then you’re targeting them already what!”

Yes, this is definitely true —  You CAN target parents using print advertising… but the question is:

What about the bulk of Singaporean parents who are NOT reading those magazines you placed your advertising in?

How will you reach them?

These parents won’t even see the your ad at all, which means you’re missing out on a massive portion of possible revenue and sales for your education business.

In other words, you’ll be leaving a HUGE amount of money on the table! (a deadly sin that NO education-centre owner should ever commit).

Facebook advertising, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

If you make use of the “hyper-targeted” Facebook advertising techniques we teach our education clients in our Market Domination Circle program, you can:

1. Send the right message

2. To the RIGHT parent

3. Resulting in SKY-HIGH conversions, sales and profits.

Seriously, STOP and think about that for a second.



It’s amazing, right?

Imagine having the ability to send the RIGHT ads that are 100% Relevant to The Most Highly-Interested Parents looking for YOUR solution to their children’s needs.

Just think of how much sales and revenue you’ll have flowing into your business, when almost every single parent that comes down to your centre for consultations or trial classes… SIGNS up their kids for your programs in a heartbeat.

Powerful stuff, huh?

You see, here’s the thing so many education-business owners just don’t get:

It’s Not About Using The “Spray-And-Pray” Approach To Target As Many Parents As Possible With Your Ads… It’s About Targeting ONLY the Most Highly-Interested Parents That Will Sign Up For Your Programs

But here’s the harsh reality:

Only the top 10% of education-businesses (and I mean, the 7-8 figure revenue businesses) are actually implementing this.


Cos’ the other 90% of education-businesses are still stuck in the “spray-and-pray” mindset — which is precisely why they’re struggling to get a consistent flow of highly-qualified prospects and converting them into customers.

But here’s the good news:

All you have to do to QUICKLY enter the elite 10% of education business in Singapore who’re doing 7-8 figures year after year… is to adopt a “laser-targeted” approach to your marketing efforts.

And the CHEAPEST and MOST-EFFECTIVE way to do that is Facebook Advertising.

Just ask Jeremy — founder of The Classroom and one our most recent education Market Domination Circle participants:

Jeremy runs a Math tuition centre in Hougang and has several competitors in the same building (given how cutthroat the competition is in the education industry, I’m sure you can relate to this).

When he first came down for a free 1-on-1 strategic session with our team, he was making about $200,000 a year… but was looking for paid advertising strategies to grow his business even faster.

So naturally when he came onboard the Market Domination Circle (MDC) program, we “plugged” in our highly-effective Facebook Rapid Student Attraction system into his business…

And within just 2 weeks, here’s the results:

16 Qualified Parents Signed Up For (Paid) $15 Consultation

Met 7 So far, Closed 6 (85% Closing Rate)



The best part?

Jeremy got this phenomenal results even when he did PAID consultations PLUS with at least 6 other competitors in the SAME building as him — with most of them offering FREE consultations.

You can imagine how overjoyed Jeremy was when he saw most of his head-start classes in December filling up fast… Even before it officially starts.

Here’s the exact words from the man himself:

Just like that, in just 2 weeks (yes… TWO) after “plugging” in our Facebook Rapid Student Attraction into his business, Jeremy raked in a grand total of $14,440 worth of annual revenue.

And this is just the start for him 🙂

The real kicker?

He spent only about $60 per consultation.

$60 spent for a $2,880/year close — that’s an excellent deal, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

That’s the power of using a “hyper-targeted” approach by using Facebook Advertising… rather than the “spray-and-pray” approach of Print Advertising.

Facebook simply gives you MORE results at LOWER the cost.


Jeremy was a small education business owner just like YOU — trying to find a new tried-and-tested strategy to consistently get new students, amidst the cut-throat competition in the education market…

And he didn’t have a large advertising budget to just “spray-and-pray” with print advertising.

So he casted his doubts aside about Facebook Advertising long enough to give our market-tested, “plug-and-play” Facebook Rapid Student Attraction system a try…

And within just 2 weeks…

An instant explosion of sales and cash flow.

To Summarize:

If You Want To Get A Massive Influx Of Highly-Interested Parents — Who Are Ready To Enrol Their Kids Into Your Programs — at 0.007 the Cost Of Using Print Advertising… Facebook Ads Are The Way To Go

While print advertising worked amazingly well 10 years ago… the king of ALL advertising mediums today is Facebook, without a shadow of a doubt.

It’s no wonder more and more Singaporean education-centre owners are jumping onboard the Facebook bandwagon…

And any smart education-centre owner will definitely leverage on this golden opportunity to leave their competitors in the dust.

After all, if you’re a serious education-centre owner who wants to beat your competitors in your area, you’ll definitely do WHATEVER it takes to make sure that happens.

So if you’re a rabid “print-advertising” believer and a Facebook “skeptic”, I strongly urge you to consider all the undeniable facts in this article, and make the shift to Facebook advertising.

It could very well be the decision that saves your education-centre business, and take it to the level you’ve always dreamt of achieving.

P.S. One Of the The Highly-Potent Techniques In Our Facebook Rapid Student Attraction System Is How To Create A Strong, Unique Positioning For Your Business… And How To Communicate It Such That You’ll Attract ONLY The Most Ideal Parents To Your Education Centre.

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