[Educators Only] “Flip” The Top 3 Parent Objections & Get On-The-Spot Student Signups With This Easy-Use Script!

Ever have parents promising to get back to you, but in the end they disappear and stop answering your calls no matter how many times you try to reach them?

If you absolutely hate the feeling of losing a “high-potential” signup,

Or if you want to increase your enquiry signup rate by a cool 10-20% (That could mean an additional $600 per month assuming you get 10 enquiries a month),

Then this will be the most important 5-minute article you’ll ever read this year.

A Typical “Leaky” Scenario When Handling Enquiries At The Centre


Over years of experience working with educators, we realised that most educators come from a teaching background and are not usually not sales trained, so when handling parent enquiries, they often communicate messages to parents in the wrong way or the wrong sequence.

While this nets them a “safe” number of signups (usually parents who have been referred by a close friend and are already 90% certain to signup already)… a significant chunk of signups are lost to “disappearances” just like the scenario above.

This is what we call in sales…

Leaving Money On The Table!

You’re not clinching all these signups and earning your well-deserved extra revenue from them. And beyond just money-talk, it’s a real pity that despite genuine intentions, you can’t even help their child out… even if your centre is a perfect fit for their needs.

Why is this happening? Well…

These parents are “disappearing” on you because of 1 simple reason:

You see, at some point in the sale, they probably mentioned a few subtle things they were uncomfortable, or having doubts about.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Wow, so expensive ah?”
  • “Oh.. but for my child hor, he has this this this … will it still work?”
  • “I don’t really understand… but it’s okay la, let me go back and think about it…”
  • “Okay.. let me go back and check with my husband.”
  • “Can I let you know by next week?”

While these questions may seem very innocent sounding, and just casual banter… (You may have even thought that you answered their question perfectly “according to the script”, but did you check with them?)

They are subtle clues about the parents’ objections towards signing up at your centre.

And if the parent didn’t come back to you as they promised they would, it’s irrefutable proof that…

You Failed To Catch And Handle These Objections.

And handling these objections, no matter how subtle or casual they are, is the key to getting more parents to signup with you. Handling objections is what makes the difference between centres that sign 90% of their enquiries versus centres who sign a measly 50% or less.

And if you could just do this right and get a cool 4-5 signups per month from your EXISTING stream of enquiries, you can clinch an extra 60 students per year or $216,000 revenue conservatively … even without distributing flyers, running Google Ads or posting on Facebook to get more enquiries to grow your centre! (Oops.. we may have just spilled a small secret about how we’re so easily getting our clients $50,000 additional sales in just 6 months…)

Using these “parent objection-handling” techniques, one of our clients Jeremy from The Classroom, managed to close 16 out of 18, or 89% of his parent enquiries! (he was doing about 60%-70% before we started working with him, and that was mostly with completely “warm” parents already jumping to signup with him!). Another client Marc from Pentagon, closed 6 out of hist first 6 parent enquiries from working with us for a FULL 10 MONTHS! (yes, these parents paid him 10 months upfront).

Curious to learn how you can do the same?

How Do I Handle These Objections?

This is the right question every educator who wants more students should be asking. While specific tweaks and strategies that work best for your centre are only available at our full MDC programme,

We’re still happy to share quick strategies on handling 3 types of these typical objections.

Ready? Here we go!

Parent Objection #1: “I Still Don’t See How This Can Help My Child/I’m Not Sure If This Will Work For My Child”

This is the most basic type of objection that is a clear red flag. If you ever see one, ADDRESS IT IMMEDIATELY. Why? Because this objection really means the parent hasn’t even started seeing you as “The Solution” that can work for their precious child! Simply put, the parent has no desire to signup with you at all.

Here’s how you can handle this:

1. Acknowledge The Objection.

“Hi Mrs Tan, I understand that you don’t see how this can help your child and his specific issues.”

2. Dig Deeper/Zoom Into What Specifically They Don’t Understand.

Is there any specific part of my explanation which you don’t understand? Oh I see, so you’re not sure how this will help him with problem sums?”

3. Explain With Examples.

From what you explained to me, it seems like he’s really having trouble with problem sums and if he continues to fail, I’m sure you’ll agree that it might get difficult for him to catch up and score for the upcoming exams. From using our ABC methodology which teaches our 5-step method to tackle problem sums, a few of our students got results in a very short period of time and in fact were in a very similar position to Bryan before they joined our program. Here’s a relevant example… [Insert background of student facing similar challenges] And here’s how our ABC methodology helped this student to get a breakthrough in his results…”

4. Ask Them Whether This Answers Their Question. (Look Out If They Give “Question Mark Faces” – It Means You Need To Explain Further!)

“Have I answered your question clearly? Is there anything else you would like to understand better? Would you like more examples?

5. Offer A Solution And Get Them To Take Action.

I understand that you will need to see that our method helps your child as well, so here’s what I can do. If you’re interested in helping Bryan achieve the results he’s looking for, I can allow your child to attend a trial class to experience exactly how the ABC methodology works in action.”

Parent Objection #2: “I Want To Think About It/Can I Let You Know By This Week?”

Sometimes this objection is genuine, but most of the time, this is a “smokescreen” thrown by a parent who wants to buy more time for various reasons. It could be skepticisim with what you have shared so far. It could be that the parent is not in a hurry to make a decision. Or it could simply be that the parent doesn’t like your service at all but is too “paiseh” to tell you upfront. Whatever it is, that’s what you have to find out.

So here’s how you should handle this:

1. Acknowledge The Objection.

Hi Mrs Tan, I understand that you need to check first before confirming whether Bryan is joining us.

2. Find Out What Are The Considerations.

“With regards to this, can I understand what you will need to think about in order to make your decision? (Get list of questions parent is thinking about)”

3. Handle Them With Examples.

For this question, this is… (insert answer)… For example one of our students… (insert example)”

4. Ask Them Whether This Answers Their Considerations And Ask Again If They Are Able To Take Action Now.

“Does this answer the consideration you mentioned? Having answered your questions, is there anything else you need to go back and think about? In that case, would you be able to make the decision now?“

5. (If They Can’t Take Action Now) Remind Them Again Of The Scarcity And Limitation Of Your Slots. Get A Micro Commitment If You Can.

(I still need to think and do some research) I understand, and while unfortunate, there’s actually something we can do. If you’re interested in helping Bryan achieve the results he’s looking for and have any further questions, we can always do a call or meet up again. To stay in contact and also make admin processing more convenient for you when you’ve made your decision, can you fill up this form first?”

Parent Objection #3: “The Program Is Too Expensive”

In rare cases, it could really be money that’s the issue. But majority of the time, it’s more likely that they do not see that the value of what you offer as equal or higher than the price tag of your tuition services. So what you need to do then, is go back to building the value of your program and how it can solve their child’s challenges so that the price makes sense compared to the massive value that you are offering.

Here’s how:

1. Acknowledge The Objection.

Yes, the program is priced at a premium. The truth is, the reason why we’re charging more than run off the mill tuition centres is because our methodology produces results.

2. Remind Parent Of The Child’s Challenges/Problems.

As you can observe from Bryan’s situation, you can see that he’s exhibiting symptoms of XXXX (problem mentioned in pitch) And if he continues to fail, I’m sure you’ll agree that it might get difficult for him to catch up and score for the upcoming exams.”

3. Explain How Your Tuition Services Can Solve His Challenges With Examples.

You’ll also notice that our students get results in a very short period of time and in fact were in a very similar position to Bryan before they joined our program. Here’s a relevant example…”

4. Highlight The Benefits Of Solving Of Their Child’s Particular Challenge Once And For All.

“This challenge that Bryan is facing must have been bugging you for some time. If Bryan can attend my programme and solve this issue once and for all, how do you think things will change for him? (Less stressed, can catch up better). Cool, how about for yourself? (No need to worry so much, can sleep better at night…)

5. Offer Alternative Payment Schemes (If Any).

“However I understand your situation and while unfortunate, there’s actually something we can do. If you’re interested in helping Bryan achieve the results he’s looking for, we do allow parents to pay in (propose alternative e.g. interest free instalments, bundle pricing)”

Now that you’re armed with our objection handling techniques, what follows next is obvious: APPLY THEM. Theory is useless unless it’s put to the test. If you’re not confident of remembering how to apply them in a real sale, practise with your partner or staff until you get your lines right. (you don’t get second chances with parents these days…)

The moment you get this right… I assure you, your life will get a lot easier and business of course, will start skyrocketing.

Want more? This is actually just the tip of the iceberg. In MDC itself, we share the full 8 objections and how to handle them. Your personal coach will even guide and train you until you’re battle ready to handle all the 8 types of objections out there (This includes the very sneaky “I Need To Check With My Husband…”)

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Until then.. stay tuned to our website for more juicy content coming up!