Top 4 Considerations Parents Have When Picking Tuition Centres

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried every marketing technique in the book, if you don’t handle these 4 considerations parents have…

You will always lose potential students to your competitors who address these considerations.

How well you handle these considerations can make the difference between your centre becoming one of the great brands like Mindchamps & The Learning Lab…

Or becoming just another obscure tuition centre in the vast sea of the education industry.

That’s why today I am going to share with you the top 5 considerations parents have when picking  a tuition centre for their kids… so you can increase your walk-ins & sign-up rates.

Table of Contents

[Consideration #1] : Your & Your Teaching Staff’s Background/Expertise — Build Trust With Parents On Why You Are The Best Person To Help Their Kids

[Consideration #2] : Uniqueness Of Your Curriculum — Educate Parents On Your Differentiation So They Will Choose You Over Your Competitors

[Consideration #3] : Past Results & Track Record — Provide Undeniable Proof That Your Methods Work By Showing Comprehensive Student Achievements/Results

[Consideration #4] : The Most Overlooked Aspect By Educators: The Value Of Your Program

[Consideration #1] : Your Teaching Staff’s Background/Expertise — Build Credibility & Trust With Parents On Why You Are The Best Person To Help Their Kids

Let’s say someone approaches you on the street and tells you that he can make you a super famous actor — even if you have zero acting experience…

What would your reaction be?

Most probably you’ll think: “who in the world is this guy? Sure anot he can make me a famous actor?”… and chances are you’ll just say “not interested” and just walk away.

But if that same guy went on to share with you that he has been discovering hidden acting talent for the past 30 years and he’s groomed famous stars like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence and many others — and now he is in Singapore to nurture the next big Asian star…

You’ll most likely be more interested in what he has to say next.


Because he shared with you his BACKGROUND and built CREDIBILITY for himself.

Suddenly, he becomes more trustworthy and appears to be the best person to help you become the next Asian acting star.

THIS is what you need to do with your education centre as well.

[ABOVE] Vivien Le, Founder of Le Xue Education — and one of our education clients — sharing her background and teaching experience with parents

When you share your background with parents — like Vivien did above — they become more likely to trust you.

They get to know you a little better and see WHY you’re the best person to help their child with their specific academic problems.

If I was a parent who had a child who’s struggling with the Chinese Language, I would entrust my kid with Vivien as she has “personally coached more than 2,000 students to excel in Chinese at different ages”.

And if I had a kid who’s going to take the O Levels this year but he’s still scoring E8s for Math, I’d be more inclined to send him to Andy, Founder of The Learning Voyage (and another one of our education clients) after reading this:

[ABOVE] Andy, Founder of The Learning Voyage — and one of our education clients — sharing his background and teaching experience with parents

A parent reading this will go:

“Borderline to Distinction O & A Level Math Expert? Sounds like he can help my failing-Math child”.

“Wow he was voted “Best in Maths Foundation Training” by parents for Parents’ World Magazine? He must really know his stuff! And if so many parents voted for him, he definitely must be good”

“He’s helped more than 500 students shoot up to A1/A2 even if they were scoring E8s and F9s? My child is scoring E8s for Math right now… and since Andy has helped so many students in the same position, I’m sure he can help my child improve his grades!”

See how powerful sharing about your background can be?

It inspires confidence in parents that you are up to the task and are truly the best person to help their kids with their academic difficulties.

One thing to note though:

You have to be strategic in what you share about your background.

Simply regurgitating everything you have ever achieved doesn’t necessarily mean that parents will trust you more — The key is to share specific things that parents will be MOST INTERESTED in.

Here are some possible things you can share with parents that will help boost your credibility and inspire trust:

  • Teaching Awards
  • Number Of Students You Have Helped
  • Years of Teaching Experience
  • Media You Have Been Featured In
  • Schools Your Students Are From

Of course there are many more things you can include to help increase your credibility…

But if you just include at least 3 of the components above — and execute it well — parents will be more inclined to send their kids to your centre than other centres who do not handle these major “parent consideration”.

So remember:

Parent Consideration #1: Your Background/Expertise

Handle it well, and you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors.

[Consideration #2] : Uniqueness Of Your Curriculum — Educate Parents On Your Differentiation So They Will Choose You Over Your Competitors

Did you know that the tuition industry is worth more than $1Billion a year?

(Above) A Straits Times Article About The Size Of The Tuition Industry

That’s how huge the tuition industry is — and that means there’s tons of tuition centres out there for parents to choose from — which begs the question on most parents’ minds:

“Which tuition centre should I send my kid to?”

For most parents, the answer is simple:

The centre that has the most UNIQUE curriculum.

This is why education giants like The Learning Lab and Mindchamps are doing spectacularly well since opening their doors in Singapore.

They do an excellent job in educating parents on why they are so DIFFERENT from all the other centres out there — and that’s why parents flock to them.

They’re saying something DIFFERENT — and that differentiation is communicated in every single marketing message they put out.

THIS is why they’re so successful.

It’s come to a point where they can clearly identify the “brand” of the TLL and Minchamps education — kinda like when someone wears a pair of Nike sneakers, and everyone can immediately tell its Nike because of that iconic “Swoosh” logo.

And when parents can easily identify kids who’ve gone through your “brand” of education BECAUSE of the amazing results they’re getting…

That’s when parents will flock to your centre to enrol their kids too — just like one of our enrichment clients successfully did.


(Above) An example of how one of our enrichment clients — came up with a unique curriculum and shared it with parents (Image has been redacted for privacy purposes)

For them hey came up with a unique framework that can effectively show parents how they’re different, and why the uniqueness of their curriculum helps their kids achieve phenomenal growth in the 5 core skills.

They are saying something different, and SHOWING something different.

And parents can easily see how they are is different from other enrichment centres out there — making them the easy choice for parents to send their kids to for enrichment.

If you noticed from the framework earlier, it is a something OBSERVABLE that parents can see and effortlessly understand… and this is the key to  all our education clients’ success.

With that in mind, here’s some quick tips on explaining your curriculum’s uniqueness:

  1. Shout out your differentiation (Highlight unique points covered by your curriculum)
  2. Keep it simple (One read and parents should understand what your curriculum is about
  3. Make it observable (Use a diagram to represent your curriculum)

Once you execute this correctly, parents will see you as a step above the rest of the centres out there.

Thats how important handling Parent Consideration #2: Uniqueness Of Your Curriculum — Educate Parents On Your Differentiation So They Will Choose You Over Your Competitors is.

[Consideration #3] : Past Results & Track Record — Provide Undeniable Proof That Your Methods Work By Showing Comprehensive Student Achievements/Results

You and I both know how irritated parents get when you passionately try to “sell” them the benefits of your curriculum.

They hate it.

That’s a fact.

So… how can you share with them about how wonderful your program is — and how much it can help their kids — WITHOUT coming across as “pushy” or “sales”?

The answer is simple:

Get the parents of your existing students to do the “selling” for you!

There’s nothing more convincing than hearing from another parent whose kid’s grades jumped 2,3 and even 4 grades… all thanks to YOUR unique teaching methodology.

This is why getting powerful testimonials is so important in getting new student sign-ups.

Unfortunately, this is where so many education-centre owners fall short.

The student testimonials they put on their websites are so vague that they’re practically useless!

They use testimonials like:

(Above) An example of a vague testimonial taken from a tuition-centre’s website

The problem with testimonials like this is:

Parents reading this only see the FINAL result — which doesn’t do a strong job in proving to parents that you can help their child with the specific academic difficulties he/she is facing.

Here’s the thing many educators don’t understand:

The “secret” behind a powerful testimonial is that you need to show the transformation the child went through after attending your program.

Yes, the testimonials you use need to show:

  1. The challenges the kid was facing BEFORE attending your program
  2. The specific part of your program which helped solve the specific problem the kid was facing
  3. The end result AFTER the kid attended your program

These are the 3 critical elements you need to have in your testimonials in order for them to be strong proof that your methods will work.

The testimonials must show you current students were in a similar state that the prospective parents’ child is in… so that they can RESONATE with the testimonial.

Otherwise, the testimonial will be nothing more than just words on a page — useless.

This is why our Growthtribe Education Division focuses on helping our education clients get stellar testimonials which:

  • Do an excellent job in resonating with parents
  • And show them the transformation the students go through after attending our clients’ programs

(Above) A Stellar Testimonial One Of Our Clients Uses On His Website That Resonates With Parents

 [Picture and name of student has been redacted for privacy reasons]

As you can see from the testimonial above, it covers the:

  • Challenges the student was facing before attending the program ( Borderline grades, cannot understand the topics, insufficient practice)
  • The end result after attending the program ( Score a distinction in Math, now it’s become his strongest subject)
  • Specific actions that helped solve the problems ( Enjoyable & motivational classes, provides extra lessons for students)

Can you see how much more compelling the testimonial is when it covers the 3 critical components?

You won’t have to “hard sell” interested parents because your testimonials will do the job for you.

Now, in order to help you collect persuasive testimonials…

We are giving you 8 questions you can use to ask the parents of your current students… so you can have the crucial information necessary to craft powerful testimonials:

  1. What specific challenges were your child facing in [INSERT SUBJECT] before you came to us?
  2. What other methods did you try to help him to overcome those challenges? (Did you buy assessment books for him?
  3. How did you feel about your child facing those challenges? (Worried? Frustrated? Helpless?)
  4. Specifically which part of our program — according to your child or your own observation — helped your child to overcome those challenges?
  5. How big of an improvement in your child’s grades did you see, after enrolling him/her in our programs?
  6. How long did it take for the improvement to occur? Be as specific as possible.
  7. How did you feel about the big improvement in your child’s grades?
  8. Would you recommend our program to your friends and family, or any parent whose child is facing similar challenges that your child faced previously?

All you have to do is call up the parents of the interesting success stories your programs have produced and ask them these questions…

Then apply the format I’ve shown you above to piece all the information you’ve gathered, and use it in your marketing materials!

This will definitely help you handle Parent Consideration #3:  Past Results & Track Record — Provide Undeniable Proof That Your Methods Work By Showing Comprehensive Student Achievements/Results.

NOTE: If you’d like a free review of your testimonials, book a free 1-on-1 session with our Growthribe Education Division experts by clicking on the image below:

[Consideration #4] : The Most Overlooked Aspect By Educators: The Value Of Your Program

Quick question:

If I told you I’m willing to sell you a brand-new Iphone 8 at $79… would you buy it?

If you’re an Apple fan, you’ll definitely say “Of course! It’s a no-brainer!”.

How about forking out $99 for an iPhone 8?

Your answer would probably be:

“Yes, I’ll still buy it because the Iphone 8 is worth over $1,500! So getting it at $99 is a crazy discount”.

Wonder why the situation above is such a “no-brainer” decision?

Well, it all boils down to one simple concept:

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

The VALUE of the Iphone 8 is worth over $1,500, and the PRICE you’re paying in the above scenario is either $79 or $99…

So in your mind it’s truly a “crazy discount” or in other words… you’re getting it at a steal.

The same thing goes for the education industry.

When you’re able to explain to parents the VALUE of your program, parents don’t mind paying higher PRICES — as long as they feel that what they’re paying is peanuts compared to what their kids are receiving.

Unfortunately, tons of educators out there don’t understand this concept.

They passionately believe that if you raise your prices, parents will be “turned off” and will send their kids to “cheaper” centres.

To be fair, they are not entirely wrong:

Parents WILL be “turned off” by higher prices only if you do NOT explain the VALUE of your programs clearly.

Price > Explained Value = “Expensive’

Price < Explained Value = “Cheap”

So… how do you explain the value of your programs or what you’re offering?

Well, one of the ways you can do so is by stating the original price that you initially wanted to charge for the program:

(Above) An Example Of How One Of Our Clients Explained The Value Of Their Workshop By Stating The Initial Price They Wanted To Charge

There are two key points that our client covered here that explained the value of their program:

  • They stated the initial price they were charging ($60) and now they are offering it at just $20 [This creates a $40 discount in the minds of the parents]
  • They compared the $20 price to the VALUE the parents would be getting (They reminded parents of the testimonials and success stories they have produced… and how $20 is just a drop in the ocean because of that)

With just these two components, our clients has shown parents the bargain they are getting even though they are paying $20.

Most centres out there are doing FREE workshops, and yet are struggling to fill up the sessions… because they are not explaining the VALUE of the workshop clearly.

Now, of course there are other critical components that you need to cover in your marketing materials, in order to FULLY explain the value of your programs…

But for now, incorporating these two components at the start should give you a decent boost in signups for your programs.

NOTE: If you’re interested in finding out how the FULL LIST of components you need to cover, so that parents will gladly enrol their kids in your programs — even if you’re charging a more premium price than your competitors…

Click on the image below to get more details:


There you have it.

The top 4 considerations that parents have when picking tuition centres for their kids.

If you want to not only survive — but THRIVE — in the education industry… you have to take the necessary steps to ensure you cover all these bases.

Build your credibility and inspire trust in parents by explaining your background to them — highlighting any teaching awards, media you’ve been featured in, schools your students are from, number of students you’ve helped, and also, number of years of teaching experience.

In the highly-competitive $1 Billion education industry, you have to shout out your differentiation to parents by highlighting the unique points in your curriculum.

Remember to keep it simple (one read and parents should understand what your curriculum is about)… and make it observable (use a diagram to represent your curriculum).

Also, do spend some time to collect powerful testimonials that resonate with parents. This will be your “secret” weapon to educating parents on how you can help their kids… WITHOUT coming across as “pushy’ or “salesy”.

And finally, always — always — remember to explain the VALUE of your programs to parents. If you do this well, parents won’t mind paying premium prices for your programs… and yet, they will feel they are getting their kids in at a huge bargain.

If you take the necessary steps to handle these considerations that lie in parents’ minds…

I assure you, it will vastly increase your centre’s brand “quality” in the eyes of the parents — making you the only logical choice for their kids.

P.S. What are some of the other considerations you’ve encountered from parents? Share it in the comments section below and I might write an article on how you can handle those as well 🙂