Are Your Facebook Ads Not Moving / Have 0 Reach When You Use Instapage For Your Landing Page? Here’s How To Get Your Campaigns Running Smoothly Again.

Hey Tribers, Business Owners & Past Students!

Over these past few days, we’ve been receiving a ton of enquiries from our past students & other business owners about Facebook Ads not having any reach / not moving when you use Instapage as your landing page software.

(This means that if you’ve been publishing your landing/sales pages on Instapage using <yourpagename> and running Facebook Ads to that link, you’ll probably be facing this issue.)

Anyway, after doing some research, we’ve isolated the problem -> And long story short, it turns out that the link has currently been blacklisted by Facebook.

So, most of you might be wondering – Why has this happened? How am I going to continue running FB Ads to Instapage?

Well, from our research, it looks like Facebook is trying to reduce spam and unregulated fake pages flooding its platform – In alignment with their recent efforts to allow only legitimate advertisers / businesses owners to advertise with FB ads.

So, for those of you panicking about how to run your FB campaigns moving forward – take a deep breath & don’t worry. In this article, I’m going to show you 3 ways to fix the issue, depending on your preference and resources available.

1. Publish Your Landing Page on WordPress (For those of you that have a WordPress Site)

The first solution is the easiest fix for those of you that have a WordPress site.

In a nutshell:

  1. Simply select Publish on WordPress when you’re publishing your landing page (instead of demo page), and follow the instructions that follow.
  2. Download the Instapage plugin for WordPress, and republish your landing page on your site using the plugin.

This article below gives you the in-depth, step-by-step instructions with pictures to successfully publish your landing page on WordPress:

Once you’re done publishing your landing page on WordPress, use this new published link when you’re running your FB ads – and your ads will run smoothly again.

2. Publish Your Landing Page on a Custom Domain (For those of you that have a Website, but it’s not powered by WordPress)

Now, for those of you that have a website, but it’s not powered by WordPress – The solution is slightly trickier.

Basically, you’ll select Publish on a Custom Domain when you’re publishing your landing page (instead of demo page).

Next, you’ll have to go into your domain control panel for your website, and allow access to Instapage.

Again, this article below gives you the in-depth, step-by-step instructions with pictures to successfully publish your landing page on your website:

The article includes a step-by-step walkthrough for most popular domain providers, so for those of you who are more technically savvy, you should be able to follow these step by step instructions.

If not, follow up with your site manager / developer to assist you.

** Don’t have your own domain yet? **

One domain name registrar and web hosting company that our company is using now is Namecheap.

3. Change Landing Page Platform (For those of you that have no WordPress / Website)

Now, for those of you who don’t have a Website or WordPress account, your first option would be to sign-up for either and revert to Step 1 or 2.

However, if those options are too complicated for you, then the easiest solution for you would be to switch landing page providers.

When changing landing page providers, be EXTREMELY careful – As many other landing page providers have been similarly blacklisted by Facebook.

Personally, I’d recommend switching to ClickFunnels – A landing page software thats pretty reputable. (So the chances of them being blacklisted by Facebook in the future are pretty slim.)

You can check out ClickFunnels here:

The main challenge with this option would be that you guys have to rebuild your landing page and learn to use the platform all over again.


This sort of thing happens without warning in today’s fast moving industry – With platform providers constantly upgrading and tweaking to improve their experience and capabilities, things can change overnight, and we as business owners have to be prepared with solutions if we’re dependant on those platforms.

Moving forward, I hope the above solutions help you in getting your Facebook campaigns up and running smoothly again.

For those of you who need assistance or are still unsure how to proceed after following the steps above, simply:

  • Drop us an email with your name and contact number at,
  • Or call us at 6443 9445, and we’ll get in touch with you to assist. (: