Here’s the big issue….

Many business owners don’t know their market well enough…

They don’t do their research.

They make assumptions about what their market wants…

Especially if they have been in the business for some time.

This is why we always recommend our clients to create an ideal customer avatar before they start creating their ads.

In fact, we created a whole blueprint for it…

However, this is just step 1.

The next most critical step is to…


Understand is the market’s level of awareness

In every market, you’re targeting for a specific product or service…

There are 5 levels of awareness:

  • Unaware
  • Problem Aware
  • Solution Aware
  • Product Aware
  • Most Aware

And for each level of awareness, you need to craft offers and ad messages specific to that level of awareness.

Let me give you a quick example of one of our client’s campaigns.

We created a “Focus Booster” workshop for ThinkersBox, a brain development centre here in Singapore.


To ensure that we can target the widest market possible, we created ads for each level of awareness.



For the unaware market (AKA people who don’t know their child have an attention problem in this case)….

We used messages that will catch the market’s attention.

For example, we know from interviewing parents that their biggest worry is that their child will “lose out” to other children in the same age.

This is why we used an ad angle like this one:



Problem Aware

At this level, the market knows they have a problem and are actively looking for a solution.

In this case, we’re looking at parents who are aware that their child has a focus or attention problem…

To “call out” to them, we created ads that highlight the pain that the parents are experiencing.


Solution Aware

At the “Solution Aware” level, the market is aware of the different solutions and options they can use to address their problem.

In this case, we’re talking about parents are already aware that their children have an attention problem and are actively looking for brain training to help their child.

This means that they’ll probably not pay much attention to the previous ad.

It’s critical that we share what makes the product or service different from everything else out there…

For example, instead of just talking about attention problem and brain training as a solution…

We’ll introduce the 4 types of cognitive (brain-related) abilities that need to be developed in order for the child to focus and pay attention in school. 



Product Aware

Now, what happens if…

The market already clicked on your ad, read your sales copy and know about what you’re going to offer…

But haven’t taken action?

In this case, we want to gently push them over the edge by…

Highlighting any special discount, deals and/or bonuses.

For the ThinkersBox campaign, we did a retargeting campaign where we remind parents about the FREE diagnostic test that is included in the workshop.



Most Aware

Now, let’s talk about the “Most Aware” market.

This is the market that already knows your product well…

This means they have read your sales copy and seen your ads multiple times…

But for some reason, haven’t taken action on your offer.

In this case, we’ll focus on selling the brand personality and appealing to their emotions.

The best way to do this is through stories like this one about one of the students in the centre.


The Result Of The Campaign?

Within 3 weeks, we were able to generate over $39,200 of sales on a $2,400 ad spend.

That’s a 1,600% return on advertising spend (ROAS)!

Simply by matching the ad message to the market’s level of awareness.

And this is just the result from using take one of the “4 core pillars of advertising”.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you the next “core pillar” that needs to be in place…

If you want to consistently churn out profit-sucking campaigns like clock-work.

Talk to you tomorrow!