5 Types Of FB Marketers – Which One Are You?

In my 2 years of training and coaching businesses on their advertising campaigns, I have noticed that there are usually 5 “types” of people when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

The reason I’m writing this post, is so people can use it as a diagnostic tool of sorts, to gauge where they are at and get a clearer idea on how they can improve their Facebook marketing.

So without further ado, let’s see which type you belong to:

Type 1: The Spammers

These are the people who think that posting on their walls or in walls of Facebook Groups that are bombarded daily with promotional messages, is considered Advertising.

They genuinely think that by posting these spam messages daily, they’ll get some sort of traction and new customers. But this never happens.

Maybe this used to be slightly effective 5-6 years ago, but today, you will be hated and treated like a pest.

To go into detail, here are some examples of what I mean:

Facebook Spammer Post Example 1

The “spammer” here, is sharing a link to his fat loss product in the comments section… of a hiring campaign.

Next, let’s look at:

Facebook Spammer Post Example 2

So here, we have 3 different spammers selling different things all in the same comment section.

Lastly, we have our spammer friends.

Facebook Spammer Post Example 3

Chances are, we’ve all had some friends who would post their products/ services on their walls.

Nothing wrong with this, really. The issue, lies in the fact that there are people who solely rely on this method.

Firstly, if you do it too often, your friends will get annoyed.

Next, you are limited to how big your network is and out of the hundreds of friends you have, only a small fraction of them will be interested in your offer (if you’re lucky) and you will “use up” this handful of people really quickly.

Honestly, this could be one of the ways you market on Facebook but it should be the last resort.

Moving on we have,

Type 2: The Boosters

Facebook Boost Post Example 1

Facebook Boost Post Example 2

Ahhh… Boost Post. Facebook’s newbie trap that too many business owners fall into oh so often.

From just 10 dollars, your post will be shown to hundreds of people and generate hundreds of likes and comments almost overnight. Giving you the illusion that you’re starting to go viral.

If you look closely, most of these “likes” will be coming from people not even from Singapore, no matter how accurate you do your targeting.

Facebook just wants to give you instant gratification. Like I said, an illusion. It’s all a lie.

You won’t see an increase in sales. You won’t see an increase in brand recognition. You won’t get leads you can follow up on.

You just wasted 10 bucks.

Type 3: The Attention Seekers

Facebook Ad Attention Seeker Example

(Image Credit – Baidu Mobile)

Is your business a 17-year-old teenager that’s dying for attention and “likes” or are you interested in making actual sales and profits?

Wouldn’t you agree with me that there is a big difference between someone who “likes” your brand and someone who actually pays you money for your product or service?

Which would you prefer more often?

The answer is obvious…

More Paying Customers!

The people who are still creating ads that scream “Like Our Page For Daily Promotions” or “Share and Comment For A Chance To Win ABC Product” are doing it all wrong.

You end up attracting freeloaders, look see-ers, window shoppers, and not actual buyers.

What’s the point of having a Fan Page with 3000+ likes but $0 in the bank?

If you want more paying customers, you’ll need to explain your USP and highlight specific benefits within your ad itself.

For example, a better ad for Baidu might instead go a little something like this:

“Super DU helps you save 30% more battery just by running it in the background!

You might not realize it immediately, but you’ll soon have more time doing the things you love with your phone, like watching YouTube videos, calling your significant other or even a few more rounds on Candy Crush.

All because of your smart decision to download Super DU today! Click on this ad to download the app and have better battery life immediately!”

By clearly stating the benefits of Super DU and giving real examples to help the reader visualise the experience of downloading Super DU,

Can you see how this ad will get more people downloading their app instead of just liking their Facebook Page?

Getting tons of likes does not equate to having lots of sales.

Apart from bragging rights, there really isn’t much value to having “likes”

If getting more sales is what you would prefer, check out the next 2 levels of Facebook Advertising (it’s at this point where you start getting actual customers)

Type 4: The Lucky Ones

Facebook Ads Wasted Leads

These are the businesses who are actually creating ads on Ad Manager and sending traffic to their website.

You may have gotten some leads, maybe a couple of sales…

But this doesn’t happen very often, plus each lead may cost 2-3 times more than you’re willing to pay.

Some of them aren’t even that interested or forget about you in a few days’ time.

The rest don’t end up coming back, purchasing again in the next few weeks or even refers interested friends to your website or physical store.

Wasted, overpriced leads that don’t give you real profits!

What you need instead is a profit-churning system that converts leads and quickly turns them into sales and recurring customers, maximizing Customer Lifetime Value.

The unfortunate thing about people who belong to this group, is that most of them accept the results they are getting. They think that “that’s all there is” to Facebook marketing.

They don’t realise that they could do so much better, get so much more in sales…

Which is what the next level does extremely well.

Type 5: The Profitable Experts

Now we’re talking…

These are the professionals who create highly profitable campaigns on Power Editor with detailed targeting, and Ad copies that pushes all the hot buttons of their paying customers.

They send qualified traffic to an optimized sales funnel that generates leads, turns these leads into paying customers, up-sells them their main packages and, lastly gets them coming back month after month and even referring other serious buyers to the companies’ website and sales pages.

And they do this again, and again, and again.

Every time they create a campaign.

Every time they launch a new product.

Every time they have a promotion.

These are the guys who can make hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions from Facebook Advertising, without being too pushy, without looking scammy, all while increasing profitability and brand recognition.

Let me show you an actual example from one of our company’s students that runs a swimming training school for adults, Fishlike International.

Profitable Facebook Advertising

This is an example of a sales funnel that they created for the purpose of running Facebook campaigns (and this is the sole reason why they are extremely profitable every time they decide to turn on their ads).

When someone click on their ad, they are brought to an optimized landing page that offers a free video series teaching swimmers who want to master the breaststroke.

They are then sold a $50 basic workshop and at the workshop, they will be sold the Level 1 Mastery Class.

And then levels 2,3,4 & 5 as a package deal after the first level class is completed.

Lastly, they run a Swim Expo every year inviting all their previous students to come back and pay a few hundred dollars to participate.

And they run this event almost FOC due to sponsors.

Can you imagine how powerful this will be for your business if you’re able to apply something this concrete and effective?

Let’s see their results from just the first 3 steps of this funnel!

These are the exact words from their marketing manager after just their first campaign in 3 weeks:

“Our latest campaign got us 110 opt-ins (leads), 31 Basic Workshop participants (at $50 per participant) and 10 Level 1 students (at $368 per Student).”

And following that, these are the results from the boss himself, Tang.

“…Generated A Total Of Over $20,000+ In Sales!” * 

“After applying the right techniques from the workshop, we’ve generated a total of over $20,000+ in sales! Without even having a large fan base at all. This goes to show that these techniques and strategies really WORKS.”

– Tang Siew Kwan , Director, Fishlike Training Academy  (Swimming School)

These results are not out of the ordinary, these are the usual and expected results from our students from various industries!

In fact, we’ve trained over 700 small businesses and SMEs who used to run level 2 & 3 campaigns to implement this profitable level 5 campaign strategy!

And now, they have a never ending flow of hot leads and loyal customers who actively refer their friends coming through their doors!

So if becoming a type 5 profitable expert who is always getting a fresh consistent stream of customers & sales from Facebook marketing is something you want for yourself,

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About the Author:

Adam Teow is a Customer Acquisition Expert who has managed more than $5.5million dollars of advertising budget over his 5 years of experience in digital marketing for regional powerhouses such as P&G, Yahoo, and MediaCom.