Are you bleeding money on your advertising campaigns? And you just can’t seem to turn your campaigns into profit?

“Download Our 12 Page “Fix Your Campaign” Checklist To Discover The REAL Reason Why Your Campaigns Aren’t Working!”

And What You Need To Do To Turn Your Losers Into Winners!

We get it.

It’s extremely frustrating when your campaigns don’t work out.

And because it could be due to a wide variety of reasons, it can be difficult for inexperienced and even experienced marketers to diagnose the EXACT reason why the campaign might not be working.

To help you out, we created a quick checklist you can use to diagnose most (if not all) the possible problems you might experience when you’re running your campaigns.

Growthtribe Fix Your Campaign Checklist

Here’s what you’ll find in our comprehensive checklist:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how you can use the checklist to laser-in on the critical problems in your campaigns. [Page 2]

  • How to know if you’re targeting the right audience and what you need to do to fix it. The tips we share can be applied to any traffic source you’re using at the moment [Page 3]

  • The #1 reason why your campaigns don’t work and how you can dramatically increase your chances of launching a profitable campaign right from day 1 [Page 4]

  • 8 small and quick tweaks to your ad copy that will make a significant difference in your engagement and CTR (%) [Page 5]

  • The 13 critical parts of your landing page copy you need to focus on if you want to double or even triple your conversion rates - with specific tips on how to improve each one of them [Page 6-9]

  • How you can fix the 5 most common traffic problems you’re facing right now - low engagement, low reach, high cost, low ROAS and compliance. [Page 10]

  • How to avoid getting your account shut down by your traffic network [Page 11]

  • And much, much more!

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Here’s how our clients and participants have benefited from the same tips you’re about to receive in the checklist:

...After applying just a few of the techniques, my cost-per-sign up reduced by more than 82%. The best part is that I got these results within only 2 weeks and they are very easy to apply!

Colin Ee

Colin Ee

Director Of PSF Real Estate Training

Previously, I spent crazy amounts on ads, and I spent about $50 - $60 per lead. But just by applying one small ad technique, I've managed to slash my cost per lead by almost 60%!

Abdul Haadi

Abdul Haadi

Founder Of Redpreneur

Just 2 days after applying the strategy taught, it produced results immediately! We decreased lead acquisition costs by 97.2%! Not only that, we had a 700% increase in leads!

Michael Lin

Michael Lin

Managing Director,  Auston Institute Of Management

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Adam Teow GrowthTribe

Adam Teow is the head of marketing for GrowthTribe.

He started his career in digital advertising with MediaCom, managing millions of dollars of digital advertising for P&G brands such as Gillette and SKII.

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