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Are You An Entrepreneur Or Digital Marketer Frustrated With "Hit Or Miss" Marketing Campaigns?

How To Consistently Get Highly Quality Customers At The Lowest Possible Costs...Without A Big Budget Or Spending Hours Staring At Your Computer!

Learn The Same Strategies & Tactics That Helped Over 1,500 Business Owners & Marketers Rake In Sales & Profits Consistently From Their  Campaigns 


Are you currently advertising on Facebook, Google and/or Youtube but can’t seem to get the best results from your campaigns?

Some days, you get small wins here and there. 

But on most other days, the results are painfully inconsistent and you find yourself dealing with more losers than winners.

Now, what if you can take away all the uncertainty and have full confidence that you’re on the right track?

Instead of wasting time on more "tests" that don't work...

Instead of praying for more customers and waiting for a miracle to happen...

Instead of spending time trying to figure it out on your own... 

What if you can access...

A Marketing Roadmap Used By Over 1,500 Small & Medium Businesses To Generate Millions Of Dollars Of Additional Revenue!

My name is Adam Teow and I’m the Head of Marketing for GrowthTribe.

At GrowthTribe, we’ve helped over 1,500 small business owners, marketers and sales professionals generate more leads, sales and profits through our marketing and customer acquisition trainings and consulting programmes.

We’ve been very grateful and fortunate to receive endorsements for our work by industry leaders such as:

“…played a very valuable role in the growth and expansion of the company... It was a phenomenal result!

Within the few months … the company brought in more than $500,000 in revenue!”

Adam Khoo

Chairman, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies

"Just that month itself, I managed to get past that irritating ceiling! And we doubled what we achieved the previous month!

I can attribute more than $500,000 directly to the strategies I learned at GrowthTribe's workshop."

​Benjamin Yang

CEO, Novitee 

“… generously divulged their tricks of the trade… hard-earned insights and real-world business strategies that will give you the closely guarded success secrets of top entrepreneurs… highly effective strategies and tactics that you can apply immediately to increase your sales and profitability.”

Brian Tracy

Chairman & CEO, Brian Tracy International

“You can be a follower or you can strike out in a new direction and establish a niche that will make you stand out from the crowd… they show you how to discover your niche and gives you strategies on how to build it into a money-making machine. And the real-life examples are priceless. I strongly recommend it.”

Joe Sugarman

Author, The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

Many of the businesses we’ve worked with have achieved breakthrough results in a very short period of time.

Not just overnight.

But month after month. Year after year.

Many went on to build million (even multi-million) dollar businesses and became dominant brands in their business.

Here are a few results from our workshop participants and clients:

“…After applying just a few of the techniques... my cost-per-sign up reduced by more than 82%.

The best part is that I got these results within only 2 weeks and they are very simple and easy to apply!

Till date, I’ve generated more than $100,000 in sales!”

Colin Ee

Founder, PSF Real Estate Academy 

"The first preview after the advertisement revamp... attendees INCREASED by more than 350% compared to our previous attendee average. And the number of people who joined was 475% HIGHER compared to our past average. 

The sales experienced 500% INCREASE."

Kelvin Fong

CEO, Zest Academy 

"I was spending thousands of dollars on traditional marketing methods but I wasn’t getting the kind of results I wanted from my property launches...

I learned how to laser target my ads at the right prospects and immediately closed 10 property sales in my last event.

That’s a total of $2 million dollars of sales in just 2 weeks!"

Saurabh Dhote

Managing Director, Dhanush

"Money well worth! Even at beginners level, we have built a ATM machine and print cash on demand.  Not just leads but real customers that pays you hard cash and ready for you to up-sell the program!...

We hit our highest revenue ever in the last 22 years with almost $400,000!”

Tang Siew Kwan

Founder, FishLike International

And now for the very first time, we'll be giving access to our complete, tested and proven Marketing Roadmap which includes:

  • Highly practical video trainings
  • “Plug & Play” resources you can use almost immediately
  • All the scripts, systems and processes that have helped our clients and our team achieved exponential growth within a short period of time!


GrowthX - The World’s Most Comprehensive Marketing Training Membership

Extensive "Results-Focused" Video Training 

More than 200+ videos and 33+ modules that cover everything you need to know about marketing and advertising. 

"Plug & Play" Templates, Worksheets, Checklists

Get access to hundreds of templates, worksheets and checklists we created to scale up your marketing & advertising.

Support From A Team Of Marketing Experts 

Have questions about the content? You get direct access to our team of experts and coaches through our Q&A platform. 

Taught By Top International Marketers

All the training included are taught by practitioners who have ran multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for top brands in the world.

Constantly Updated With New Content

We have new training videos, templates, worksheets and checklists added every month. 

Get Access To Recordings Of Our Top Trainings

You'll receive recordings to our top trainings (Only for members who registered for our full year's membership) 

"Skyrocketed to a million-dollar business thanks to GrowthTribe's strategies!" - Edwin Cheng, EduEdge

"52 Students & $48,000 in 4 Months!" - Jacqueline Neo, Happy Train

"Achieved $100,000 in 1 month!" - Leonard Yong, Terry Chew Academy

Live Walkthrough Of The GrowthX Membership

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Be Getting When You Join The Membership Today! 

Month 1: Bulletproof Facebook Ads

Month 2: Bulletproof Instagram Ads

Month 3: Bulletproof Landing Pages

Month 4: Bulletproof Google Ads

Month 5: Bulletproof Google Display Network

Month 6: Bulletproof Youtube Advertising

Month 7: Bulletproof Native Ads

Month 8: Bulletproof Twitter Ads

Month 9: Copywriting

Month 10: Messenger Marketing 

Month 11: Content Marketing

Month 12: Growth Hacking

Month 13: Search Engine Optimisation 

"Plug & Play" Templates, Worksheets & Checklists 

Our International Acclaimed Trainers

Sant Qiu is a highly sought-after Profit Strategist who specialises in helping small to medium-sized businesses significantly increase their profits fast.

Sant has consulted with businesses in many different industries, such as education, training, IT, design, F&B, production, real estate, health, beauty, publication and others.

His work and strategies have been acclaimed and endorsed by international thought leaders such as Jack Trout, bestselling author of "Positioning"; Brian Tracy, bestselling author of "The Psychology of Selling"; Joe Sugarman, bestselling author of "The Adweek Copywriting Handbook".

Sant is also the author of several bestselling business books such as "Secrets To Dominate Your Niche". Sant and his work have been featured in multiple media channels.

Justin Brooke got started with just $60 in Adwords in 2007. Within a year he turned that $60 into 6 figures. He later built, a digital ad agency, with his wife Chaunna. They built IMScalable into a 7 figure digital ad agency, and have made millions for their clients.

They are both certified by Hubspot in Inbound marketing and have spoken on stage all over the world.

Justin has spent $10+ million on ads and acquired 50,000+ customers. He has also trained more than 5,000 media buyers and connected them with great clients or jobs.

All of Justin's courses offered in GrowthX are backed by millions of dollars in real life campaign testing, and they are updated frequently.

John Belcher is a former Googler who worked on the Adwords team setting up direct response campaigns for some of Google’s most successful clients.

He has the inside perspective on how this network ticks, how to make it work for you, and most importantly...he knows where most people go wrong.

He’s seen data on hundreds of campaigns…from losing campaigns to break-even campaigns to wildly profitable campaigns… All from the inside of Google itself.

And better yet, he knows why they worked, and he knows the exact steps you need to take to recreate that success in your own campaigns.

John has also managed $5 million directly of his own ad spend, as well as another $25 million for clients. 

“So... How Much Do I Have To Invest To Get Access To One Of The Most Comprehensive Marketing Membership In The World?”

We usually charge $2,999 for our 3-day Facebook marketing courses and up to $4,999 for our  4-day marketing courses….

But since putting our training online helps us significantly reduce the man-hours spent on sales appointments, agency work, meeting clients for consultation…

You'll get access to our strategies and tactics for as little as $99 per month or $899 per year (save 25% immediately)!

That’s Only $1,188 $899 Per Year For More Than $42,997 Worth Of ‘Insider’ Immediately Actionable Strategies & Tactics!

If you are ready to register... 

Click on the buttons below to start your registration and get a $289 lifetime discount on your annual fees today! 


  • Access to 200+ videos and 33+ modules over 12 months.
  •  "Plug & Play" templates, worksheets and checklists you can use immediately.
  • Q&A support where you can get your questions answered by our expert team.

Register Now! 


  • Access to 200+ videos and 33+ modules in your first month!
  • "Plug & Play" templates, worksheets and checklists you can use immediately.
  • Q&A support where you can get your questions answered by our expert team.
  • Recordings for our past live trainings - FBGS, Market Control & Speed Profit System trainings

Register Now & Save $289!

Our "Make More Money" Guarantee

By taking action to implement our strategies, we are confident you will easily be doubling or even tripling your revenue in the next 1 year.

In fact, we’re so confident you’re going to see an improvement in your campaigns, we’re going to give you an iron-clad money-back guarantee.

If after watching all the videos and apply the strategies into your business, and you haven’t made a single cent of revenue, we’ll give you a full refund of your investment.

All we ask for is that you provide the necessary screenshots and documentation proving without a doubt that you have watched all of our training videos and have implemented all our strategies.

Sounds fair?

There is little to no risk in taking action today.  

Just by applying one or two of the strategies into your business, you can immediately make back your investment faster than you think.

You Are 1 Click Away From Blasting A Hole Through Your Revenue Target This Year

I have prepared a whole library of breakthroughs just waiting for you.

If you’re tired of getting “hit and miss” results, and want access to the top strategies that the best online marketers have used to explode their sales, then you’ll want to get access to GrowthX and apply the strategies immediately.

GrowthX will help you fix the critical issues that have been holding your business, build a strong foundation for your business, and set you on the right path to finally winning big in the long run.

The sooner you implement the right strategies, the sooner you’ll get results.

So… would you rather continue wasting precious dollars spending ineffectively on advertising and paying “tuition fees”...

Or would you rather get a clear roadmap on what exactly to do to get incredible results right away?

Take advantage of this opportunity to get all the customers you need to grow your business this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a demo of the videos?

Do I have time to use this? 

Will it work for my business? 

Is it going to be the same as free stuff I can find online? 

Why is the membership priced at $899? 

Will I be overwhelmed with too much information? 

What exactly will I be getting when I sign up for GrowthX? 

Abdul Haadi

Founder, Redpreneur (Events)

“... showed us how to increase our prices with strategy, this effectively maximizing profit margin, and convey the message to the right target audience! Right now, I’m chalking in up to 20% revenue increments every year thanks to Sant. We have managed to effectively automate our business by expanding and teaching new employees to run the business even while we are away!"

Vary Yong

Director, IFoundries (Asia Pacific)

“...they shared great insights into the hints, tricks and hacks on getting optimum results in a relatively short time. In addition, they will keep your dollar spend to the minimum! In the first campaign I ran for my retail promotion, I got 40% more leads in just one week! 

​Barry Tan

Vinaastee International (Leather Goods Distributor)

“Just 2 days after applying the strategy taught and it produced results immediately. We decreased lead acquisition costs by 97.2%We used to pay about $250 per lead, after applying Sant’s copywriting techniques we reduced it to about $6 - $7 per lead. That is insane! Not only that, number of leads also increased from about 10 per week to 11 per day. That’s 700% increase in leads.

​Michael Lin

Managing Director, Auston Institute of Management (Private Education Provider)

“I've applied your strategies and CLOSED A $28,000 DEAL even when my company is only 11 days old. I basically applied the copywriting skills, irresistible offer and make it easy for the merchant to come on board even before I launch my website. My best investment ever..."

​Kaiteing Lee

Director, Innosavv Media (Digital Marketing Services)

The truth is, our past clients usually invest up to $3,999 to get access to the same information. 

But even at $3,999, it will be a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of value you’re actually getting and the kind of results you can see in your business.

But for a very limited time only, you’ll be able to register for our 1-year GrowthX membership for as little as $899 (or less than $2.50 per day).

That’s the price of a cheap cup of coffee or a small meal.

To get immediate access to your GrowthX membership, click the button below:


Adam Teow

Head Of Marketing (GrowthTribe) 

P.S. If you’re still reading this letter and haven’t taken action yet, you may be wondering if this training is right for you.

If so, check out what other average SME owners (not MNC professionals), who are very much like you have to say about their transformational results after using our marketing secrets!

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