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Stop Slashing Your Prices To Stay “Competitive”! How This Centre Strategically Adjusted Their Pricing From Monthly To Yearly — And Parents Still Signed Up Without Batting An Eyelid!

If you’re an tuition or enrichment centre owner who has ever felt that price was most important factor in determining whether students signed up with you, then this will be the most important thing you’ll read this year. Maybe even for the years to come. Here’s the thing: The topic of price is

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Are Your Facebook Ads Not Moving / Have 0 Reach When You Use Instapage For Your Landing Page? Here’s How To Get Your Campaigns Running Smoothly Again.

Hey Tribers, Business Owners & Past Students! Over these past few days, we've been receiving a ton of enquiries from our past students & other business owners about Facebook Ads not having any reach / not moving when you use Instapage as your landing page software. (This means that if you've been publishing your landing/sales pages

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How To Create A Customer Avatar: Increase Your Marketing 10x By Knowing Your Ideal Customer

Meet Michelle - Michelle is a local born Singaporean married to a British expatriate. She has 2 kids, a boy and girl, aged 8 and 4 respectively. Michelle’s 8-year-old is currently in Primary 2 in a local primary school. He has a problem paying attention in class and did not do very well

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5 Crucial Ways To Beat Your Competition And Keep Your Business Growing While Everyone Else Is Sinking

Back in 1962, Avis, an American car rental company, was on its knees. With a measly 11% market share, the company was losing ground fast, even though they were one of the pioneers of the industry. Avis were the people who originally put rental cars at airports – and their main competitor, Hertz, copied that idea, as

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Important Rule for Creating Persuasive Marketing Material

Here’s an important rule for creating persuasive marketing material that will bring in more sales for you: Be conversational. In other words, write in the way you speak. David Ogilvy, known as The Father of Advertising, said this: “I don’t know the rules of grammar… If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or

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