How You Can Easily 2x Your ROAS While Scaling Your Brand To The Moon With Facebook Ads!

(With examples and case studies of how they help to build billion-dollar brands, dominate an industry and generate extraordinary wealth)

The days of complex Facebook strategies are over.

If you’ve been paying attention to the direction that Facebook has been moving towards…

They want to make scaling easier by allowing the algorithm and automation to “do its thing”.

(Ever heard of Facebook Power5? That’s a big first step toward there)

No need for advanced strategies and tactics anymore.

The only thing that truly matters?

How good your offer is

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While it’s probably still a long way before we can fully trust the machine…

Having a great offer is the only guaranteed way to scale your store to the moon on Facebook.

Top Facebook Marketers know that the quality of your offer can make or break your ad campaign.

This is why even if you work with the best copywriter, hire the best Facebook Marketer or partner with the best agencies in the world…

If you don’t have a good offer, it’s going to be very difficult to scale consistently and profitably.

On the other hand, once you have a great offer, everything becomes much easier…

From having healthy cash flow to stable campaign management to scaling easily.

(If you have very good offer, you can even have zero targeting – no interest or LAA. Just have the age and location)

We’ve seen it so many times with our clients campaign:

Just by making small tweaks to the offer, you can easily 2x your conversion rates, cut your CPC by 50% and even bump up your AOV by 20-30%…

It could be a difference between you getting a ROAS of 1.5 or 3.

A difference between scaling profitably or struggling to breakeven

A difference between having a stable campaign or struggling to sleep at night worrying about your ad campaign.

And that’s not just hyperbole, here are some of the results we’ve gotten just by focusing on re-crafting the offer…

With these strategies, we’ve helped:

  • A new health brand to grow from $200k/month to $600k/month revenue while increasing ROAS from 1.8x to 3x within just a couple of months. Already aiming to hit 10mil rev this year
  • A beauty brand to reduce their CPL by more than 30% while tripling the no. of leads
  • A fitness brand to achieve their highest ever revenue within just a couple of months while opening up different markets

(More examples and case studies below)

In my previous post, I talked about what makes a great offer, why it’s so important, the Great Offer Formula and 3 tips you can use to immediately improve your offer.

Just a quick recap: Great offers make your specific audience wanting to buy immediately. 

Gotta-have-it-now emotion.

Since then, I’ve received tons of messages asking me to share more. So due to popular demand…

I’ll be sharing a new content series on how to create a great “Home Run Offer” (HRO) that will knock your Facebook campaign out of the park!

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A great Home Run Offer not only helps your brand to stand out, get attention and create engagement…

It can help you scale fast, profitably and consistently on Facebook.

To make it easier to digest, I’ve broken this content series into a couple of parts.

In Part 1, I talked about the 3 most important things you must do when crafting a HRO:

#1 – Always Be Unique & Different

Ever gotten so engrossed by a new idea or object that you lose track of time?

Capturing your imagination and attention…

Pumping up great energy and excitement to find out more…

Invoking the thrill of chasing something new…

Building up sweet, intense cravings of “gotta have it now” emotions…

There’s a name for it.

It’s called the “Shiny Object Syndrome” (SOS)

Human beings are wired to notice novel and unique things. When we notice something different, we pay attention.

It arouses our curiosity. So we’re eager to find out more.

At the moment, nothing else matters.

SOS is bad if you need to focus and get work done.

But great if you know how to harness this to create a great offer.

We want to be able to dangle a shiny offer in front of our audience that captures immediate attention (make it “extra shiny”).

Like a cat chasing a ball of string.

This is why having an offer that is totally unique and different will help you to cut through all the noise, stand out among your competitors and get people to take notice.

Previously I shared how Apple was able to penetrate the MP3 industry by creating a great offer.

Instead of selling an MP3 player as everyone else, he sold the idea of “1000 songs in a pocket”

Here’s another example that you’re going to love  – especially if you use ClickFunnels:

Unravelling The Secrets Of ClickFunnel’s Success By Russell Brunson

ClickFunnels (CF) is the most well-known landing page builder in the world. It’s hard to dispute its achievement. (Kudos to Russell Brunson)

But here’s something you may not notice:

Russell hasn’t been selling CF as a landing page builder…

Let’s do a quick test: Go to the click funnel website and see how many times the phrase “Landing Page” appears.

The answer?


Surprising? Probably to most people.

But if you understand how to create a HRO, then you’ll find that it’s actually really brilliant.

Because at its most basic function, ClickFunnels is actually like many other landing page builder out there.

Sure, you can argue whether CF better or worse than others (let’s leave the argument for another time, okay?)

But there’s a reason why no other competitors can compete with CF’s achievements. Not even close.

And that’s because… instead of focusing on building landing pages, Russell sells the idea of a sales funnel that allows new entrepreneurs to attract a lot of new customers and live the entrepreneur dream.

Essentially by shifting the focus from just a landing page builder to the idea of a sales funnel that can skyrocket your business…

It helps CF to stand out from the rest and put them at the top.

While other landing page builder focused on the tools, functions, elements, features, etc

Russell sells the idea of how sales funnel can make you richer faster and easier.

Really smart guy!

If you read my previous post, I mentioned that:

Great offer is about having higher perceived value and lower perceived cost.

In CF’s case, which do you think has a higher perceived value:

  • Build landing pages
  • Grow your business by building a sales funnel that converts visitors to leads and customers.

Definitely building a sales funnel right?

Can you see how, just by being different, you can immediately stand out? This is especially useful for very competitive niches.

How To Apply This To Ecommerce Stores

If you own a beauty or skincare store, STOP selling another facial mask.

Or acne cleaner.

Or hair loss shampoo.

Or collagen supplement.

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These are already very common and saturated in the market.


Instead, focus on creating an offer that is unique.

So, how can you create a unique offer?

  • First, it would be very useful if you know everything about your product and how is it different from your competitors.
  • Next, take a look at direct competitors and find out what they are saying and not saying.
  • From there, make your offer different so that it stands out. (Remember to make it “extra shiny”)

In my previous post, I talked about selling a concept or idea instead of just the product. This is one very useful way to create a unique offer.


  • Instead of a selling teeth whitener, sell the idea of having the perfect Hollywood Smile
  • Instead of selling an anti-aging cream, how about a $100,000 stem cell in a bottle for only $100?
  • Instead of selling a face mask, sell the idea that it’s an every day acne defence. Or a 20 Years Age-Reversal Mask (Just make sure it’s compliant)

From our experience working with different Profit Partners, whenever they try to find something unique about their product, most store owners usually fall into 3 camps:

  • #1 They can’t find anything unique that is worth emphasizing (usually because of the lack of experience & knowledge)
  • #2 Not knowing how to communicate the full value of their differentiation and why it’s so valuable (Not knowing how to make it attractive and persuasive to the target audience)
  • #3 Even if they know how to do the first 2 things, they still lack several missing elements to create a Home Run Offer.

If you’re facing one or more of these challenges, don’t worry

I will be sharing more about these missing elements in the rest of the HRO series. (Stay tuned if you want to find out more)


You see, it’s not just about being different for different sake.

If you want to create Home Run Offer, it must also…

#2 – Make Your Offer More Valuable & Superior To The Target Market Than Your Competitors

This point may sound quite straightforward and easy.

But to actually create something Unique and Valuable at the same time can be challenging.

And the more expensive and/or competitive the market is, the more unique and valuable it needs to be.

(In fact, the ability to create great offer that is unique and valuable to the target market is extremely rare and valuable. A lot of big companies are paying top dollars just to create these kinds of offers)

At our agency, we have a Value Escalator Model (VEM) that helps us to maximize the value of the offer based on specific target market

(I might share more about VEM if more people are interested. lmk?)


One of the most important elements in our VEM is understanding what problems your offer is trying to solve for the target market.

The bigger and more urgent the problem, the more valuable the solution.

And the more unique and valuable the solution, the more attractive the offer will be.

And much much easier it is to scale profitably on Facebook.

Now, some of you might be thinking:

“But Shawn… my product doesn’t solve any problem.”

(Like those selling t-shirts, apparels etc.)


“My product solves the same kind of problem as everyone else. It’s nothing new.”

(Like those selling skin care, cosmetics, etc)

Now, if you’re facing these challenges, no need to despair.

There are always other strategies that we use at our agency that can help:

One of them is called the Problem Hierarchy Pyramid (PHP)

The idea of the Problem Hierarchy Pyramid a bit similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs.

Using the car industry as an example:

At the most basic level (bottom of the pyramid), a car has only one function: transportation

The ability to bring people from point A to point B.

But as this problem is being solved by many other competitors, people will start to experience a different set of problems as they move up the pyramid:

Like the car’s speed, sturdiness or safety.

Then, even further up the Problem Hierarchy Pyramid, there are other problems like success, status, and sex appeal.

For example: Instead of just selling a car,

  • Volvo might solve the problem of safety for parents who are concerned about their kids lives
  • Ferrari might solve the problem of finding a hot date on a Saturday night
  • BMW might solve the problem of showing your neighbours that you’re actually rich AF
  • Lamborghini might solve the problem of boosting your guru credibility on Instagram

How To Apply This For Ecommerce Stores

For example, for cosmetics ecom stores:

  • Instead of just selling lipstick, your offer can solve the problem for women with thin lips and want to look more attractive with thick and lush lips
  • Instead of just selling eyeliner, your offer can solve the problem of making women more feminine by creating a stronger contrast against their skin
  • Instead of just selling eyebrow pencil, your offer can solve the problem of making women’s nose smaller by bringing the brows closer to the nose (secret technique)

3 important things to note here:

  • Different segments of the same market might have different problems
  • Because of that, they value different problems and offers differently
  • This is why it’s so important to map out the Problem Hierarchy Pyramid for the specific target audience you’re going for. (More on this in the next section)

#3 – Create Different Offers For Different Segments Of The Market

Because different people experience different problems…

An offer that might be seen as valuable for one group might be seen as less valuable for another group.

So even though the product is exactly the same, if we want to create a Home Run Offer, we need to craft different offers for different segments of the market (based on what they value most)

Here’s an example of how another billion-dollar brand created their Home Run Offer:

How Dove’s HRO Helped Built A 4 Billion Dollars Band

Back in the 1960s, Dove was not yet a powerhouse in the soap industry.

Their main offer at that time was a detergent bar for men with dirty hands.

To create a HRO, Dove began selling the idea of a toilet bar for women with dry skin.

To put this in context: Nowadays, selling soap with moisturizing effect is very common and nothing new anymore.

But back in the 60s, this idea is totally unheard off.

When Dove first launched this new offer, the ad focused on the fact that Dove soap was 1/4 cream. And it works differently by moisturizing your skin rather than stripping oil from it like what other soap brands are doing.


50 years later, this same offer helped build a 4 billion dollar brand.


  • Find a segment of the market that your offer will be seen as valuable and even superior (But also big enough to scale)
  • Find out what matters to them and emphasize on that (based on the Problem Hierarchy Pyramid)

How To Apply This For Ecommerce Stores

For example: if we’re selling hand soap today:

  • For children, focus more on the soap being able to kill 100% bacteria/germs because parents are afraid that children will fall sick easily
  • For men, focus more on functionality and convenience, like reducing the time it takes to wash hands (because men are lazy)
  • For women, focus more on the effect the soaps have on their skin because they are more concerned about how their hands look and feel

Here’s another example for an Ecommerce store in the beauty niche:

If you’re selling multi-collagen serum cream and if the main benefit is anti-aging…

Then instead of a one-message-fits-all approach, focus on different types of unique offers and compelling message for different groups of women:

For example

  • For women age 20-30: Focus more on looking more attractive so that they get noticed more and get more dates. Or being more confident when meeting others.
  • For women age 30-40: Focus more on maintaining youthful skin and prevent premature aging. Or protection against rapid decline in their skin conditions because of the stress to manage family, career and household commitments.
  • For age 40-60: Focus more on reverse aging, win-back youthful skin, looking younger than your peers, looking 20 years younger, age gracefully etc

Once we’ve identified specific segments of the market, we can use the Problem Hierarchy Pyramid (PHP) to identify big pain points and then use the Value Escalator Model (VEM) to make it valuable.

How To Create A Home Run Offer For Your Ecommerce Store With These 3 Strategies

  • Step 1: First, identify a segment of the market that you can “dominate” with your offer and product. Find out what specific pain points or problems they are facing (You can focus on different levels of the PHP)
  • Step 2: Study what competitors are saying and not saying. How are they positioning their product? What kind of offer are they using? Are there anything unique or different about your product that you can use to create a HRO?
  • Step 3: Create a unique offer that would be seen as more valuable and superior than other competitors
  • Bonus Step: After you’ve found your HRO, repeat this process for different segments of the market

At our agency, after we create a Homerun Offer that helps our Profit Partners to scale quickly and profitably, the next thing we do is to find a different segment of the market and craft a different HRO for that market segment.

Again, the product is the same, but the offer is unique and valuable to different groups of audiences.

The best thing about this is not only will you be able to scale up fast with different Home Run Offers for different audiences, this can also double and triple your profits easily. This is how we help our profit partners to double and triple their revenue with high ROAS.

= = = =

One Final Point:

When my mentor Sant Qiu first introduced to me this process he created, I thought it was very “basic”.

There’s nothing fancy or “sexy” about it.

But when I begin to witness how he used this same process to build multi-million dollar businesses from scratch in just 1 year or less, I start to truly appreciate how powerful it is.

And for the past 2 years, using this same process, we’ve helped many brands create a Home Run Offer and scale it up very quickly with FB Ads.

So you’ve been struggling to scale your Facebook ads consistently and profitably, don’t give up.

Focus on creating a better offer with these strategies above.

The sooner you create a HRO, easier it is to scale your ad campaigns, and the faster you can grow your brand to the next level.

= = = = = = = = =

Want to learn more?

Let me know whether this is useful guys!

We invested a lot of our time developing and refining our strategies to create a great offer based on our own experience and the insights we extracted from the giants of the industry…

From Ogilvy, Bernbach, Hopkins, to giant brands like Apple, Under Armour, Dove, and many others.

From those we created unique strategies, like 5V, VEM & PHP, that we regularly use for our clients and our own internal projects. Mostly just for internal use.

But I can share some of the principles and examples that are not as sensitive, if you are interested.

Also, let me know if you have any questions creating a great offer.

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