Here are just a few of the educators we helped through our coaching and consulting. Many of them have went on to build million dollar education businesses.

“… Achieved More Than 800% Return On Our Advertising Spend!” – Happy Train

“… 200% Growth In 6 Months With Facebook Advertising!” – Good School

“… Valuable Insights On How To Grow Our Business!” – MPM Math

“… Catapaulted Us To A Million Dollar Business In Just 18 Months!” – EduEdge

“The Revenue Has Allowed Us To Be Able To Consider To Open Up More Centres!” – Fun Learners

“We Managed To Grow Our Student Base From 30 To Well Over 100 Within Six Months!” – Math Accelerator

“… Helped Us To Generate Close To Six Figures A Month!” – Think Teach Academy

“… Allowing Us To Achieve An Extra Five Figures Income Revenue!” – Simon Eio Learning Lab

“Compared To Last Year, We Have Added More Than 120 Students, And Opened Another New Centre!” – Le Xue Education Centre

“Got Over $80k Worth Of New Students Sign-ups While Driving Costs Down By 300%!” – iSun Education

“… Doubled The Number Of Students In Just 2 Months…!” – Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

“… We’ve Actually Brought In $25,000 In Sales.” – Scholars INC

Good School Founders

“… 200% Growth In 6 Months With Facebook Advertising!”

There were a few challenges that we were facing before we engaged GrowthTribe’s help.

While we were getting great results for our students, many people in our area didn’t know about us. 

We were spending a lot of time and money on marketing strategies that are not effective such as flyers and word of mouth. 

At the same time, we were feeling a little lost in terms of what we needed to increase the revenue of the business in the next 12 months.

GrowthTribe were very clear on what is to be done from start to the end on how to position and market Good School to our customers and prospects. The team is also extremely supportive throughout the whole process. 

Most importantly, they are able to customize the whole programme to fit what we need to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

We were also able to learn highly effective cutting-edge marketing strategies that helped us enrol more students for our centre.

If we knew these strategies 4 years ago when we first set up our business, Good School would have grown a lot faster.

Using their digital marketing strategies, we are able to achieve 200% growth in less than 6 months. 

This means that we were able to double the number of students in our centre within a short period of time. 

Their persuasive strategies were able to help us convert almost 80-90% of the prospects visiting our centres for the first time. 

This is actually pretty amazing, considering we were never able to convince new parents who never heard about us to sign up with us on the spot.

With GrowthTribe’s help, we are now more confident about achieving our million dollar goal in the next one year. 

GrowthTribe provided us and the rest of the team with a strong foundation in marketing. 

Our business will never be the same again!

We would recommend GrowthTribe to any company who are looking for explosive growth like us. 

Especially if you think you tried everything and nothing seems to be working. Just sitting down with them for 30 minutes will give you new insights that will change your business!

GrowthTribe is committed to helping business owners like us to grow. Their strategies and tactics are some of the best in the market. 

Learn from them and apply those strategies in your business. You’ll be blown away by the results!

– Tan Wei Jie and Zhang Zheying, Good School

Update: Good School grew by 3 times within 1 year of working with GrowthTribe, with 300% growth from 80 subject count to 240+ subject count.

“Over The Past 12 Month Alone, We Already Clocked In More Than $500,000!”

“I did it! Grew the business to a few full-time staff. And the school should be able to run by itself soon.

In 2014 our revenue was $250,000. But the past 12 months alone we already clocked in more than $500,000! More than quadruple our sales. Thanks to your advice.

Now we’re tightening the sales process, response time and follow up system with weekly and monthly KPIs. Focusing on one aspect at a time. I believe we can hit $1 million this year!

Thanks Sant!“

– John Yeo Jhong Ren, Learning Out Of The Box

“Decreased Our Lead Acquisition Cost By 97.2%…700% Increase In Leads!”

“Just 2 days after applying the strategy Sant taught and it produced results immediately. We decreased lead acquisition costs by 97.2%!

We used to pay about $250 per lead, after applying Sant’s copywriting techniques we reduced it to about $6 – $7 per lead. That is insane!

Not only that, number of leads also increased from about 10 per week to 11 per day. That’s 700% increase in leads.”

-Michael Lin, Auston Institute Of Management

“….Doubled The Number Of Students In Just 2 Months To 150 Students…!”

“We’ve also learnt other aspects of the business that we never thought we needed to know, such as the need to systemise, as well as how to look for different sources of lead generation. As such, we have even gone into activities such as looking for JV partners to upsell and do referrals in a more systemised manner.

The result was fantastic, cause after all these activities at the year end which is usually a very quiet month, instead of usually ending off the year with 70 students, we actually doubled the number of students in just 2 months to 150 students so that was very very exciting. We’re really looking forward to the good times ahead.”

-Darrin Tan, Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

“…More Than $30,000 In Sales!”

“Before I attended the Facebook Business Growth System workshop, I was already doing a bit of FB marketing myself, but the results were just ok.

But after applying all the techniques and strategies, I’ve generated more than $30,000 in sales, and more’s coming in every single month!”

– Saiful Rizal, Math Prodigies


“…Increase My Workshop Price By 84%… 55% Increase In Sign Ups!”

“In less than 3 months time, not only have you helped increase my workshop price by a whopping 84%,

I’ve also seen a 55% increase in sign ups as compared to my previous years running the workshop.

I need to especially praise and recommend to others your automated, hands off system.

90% of the time I don’t have to communicate with the prospects, until after they become a customer

— freeing my time to focus on other aspects of my business! Your strategies are very effective and produce results!”

– Norman Tien, Founder, NeuroMath


“…180 Leads…Over $24,000 In Revenue!”

“We’ve been trying to figure things out on Facebook for quite awhile, spending $50 here and $100 there; mostly to no results or at most some increased website traffic for a couple of days.

After attending, I will say I’m totally blown-away and it was definitely one of the best business decisions we have made! The workshop was filled with great content, actionable steps and strategies. The first campaign we ran after the workshop generated 180 leads! Not just traffic, but actual leads that we could nurture and generate revenue from!

From the 180 leads, we’ve generated more than $24,000 in revenue from using your techniques and strategies.”

– Felicia Hoo, Co-Founder, ThinkersBox

“10 New Students Per Month… We’re Experiencing At Least An 800% Increase In ROI!”

“Since learning GrowthTribe’s strategies, we’ve experienced our biggest sales breakthrough ever!

In just 3 weeks, we’ve started filling up our classes and opening more new classes for new students.

On average, we have about 10 new students per month (as compared to 1 new student on average previously).

That’s literally 10x our previous results!

To date, we’ve spent about $10k on advertising, and have gotten about 40 new students.

Previously, we’ve spent about $8k on print advertising with about 3-5 new sales.

With GrowthTribe’s strategies, we’re experiencing at least an 800% increase in ROI.

To be honest, I was actually very surprised to see such amazing results.

We have finally found something that truly works: an effective and systematic method to get more new students.

Using this powerful marketing strategy that we have been implementing, we’ve also been able to build and strengthen our brand.

There’s definitely much more awareness of our brand in the market now.

Previously, most of our new parents are referrals or parents who read good reviews about us online. But now, there are a lot more parents who are aware of us.

We’ve been getting more enquiry calls and emails from parents who had never heard of us before (cold market).

I believe our brand awareness and positioning in the market is stronger than ever.

I would strongly recommend this programme to any tuition and enrichment centre owners who want to get more students, grow their business and achieve breakthrough in their sales!”

– Jacqueline Neo, Co-Founder, Happy Train

Michelle Tham from The Little Executive

“We Hit 40 Signups In The Span Of 3 Days…”

“We’ve been around for about 8 months before we started to work with GrowthTribe.

And during that time, we really had a hard time getting enough clients in.

The team felt quite demoralised, it was a big struggle.

And I guess at the end of the day, because we’re educators, to really learn how to market, was a completely different skillset.

When we first heard of GrowthTribe, we were a bit shocked, reluctant, skeptical and critical… and completely unbelieving,

Because they made really huge promises.

They’ve said things like “Your enrolments could double. We will get the number of sales you aim to have”

They were going to deliver it… and it was backed by a money-back guarantee.

So the first thing that came to mind was that,

“This is probably too good to be true. These guys are just being very slick with their promises.”

But after working with them, we have found that they have really quite delivered on everything that they have said.

Not because the results are difficult to attain, but because they also believe in the hard work that comes with the results,

And they have worked with us very, very consistently and step-by-step along the way,

To show us how to achieve those results — by ourselves.

Their system is not the easiest to follow, but it is systematic and it does put marketing which for us and for me as an educator, into an easy to follow method.

It’s hard work and I think what has been very heartening is that the team works really closely with us,

We put in 8 hours, sometimes they put in 10, sometimes they put in 12…

I remember one of our consultants, he had us calling him on a Sunday night!

He went on vacation, someone took over and the person who took over was just as updated and just as committed as he was.

So we felt that we were working with a team that really knew what they were doing and very systematic with their approach.

… earlier on I’ve said that one of their big promises was that they could double our client numbers… And we did.

We actually hit, 40 sign-ups in the span of 3 days.

Which completely was something we’ve never achieved before.

But what was more exciting about that or more amazing about that,

Was we had 40 families that understood what we did, saw the benefit in what we did,

And really, really felt that what we did was important and necessary in their child’s life.

And this opportunity would really not have been available If we didn’t work with the team at GrowthTribe.

– Michelle Tham, The Little Executive

Chris Siew

“Grew Our Student Base From 30 To Well Over A Hundred Within 6 Months!”

“I started working with GrowthTribe as I’ve read the testimonials from past participants and I was impressed with the results that they’ve achieved within a short time, and I wanted to expand my centre.

Before working with GrowthTribe, I wasn’t able to generate regular leads for my marketing campaigns. The results were not consistent. I was not able to reach out to my target parent to tell them about the benefits of our programmes.

During the time that we worked together, we managed to grow our student base from 30 to well over a hundred within 6 months!

Now, we are looking towards growing our student base to 200 within the next year.

I would certainly recommend GrowthTribe to any business owners in the service industry looking to grow their client base.

I’m glad I’ve chosen GrowthTribe to sharpen these aspects of my business and take it to the next level!”

– Chris Siew, Founder, Math Accelerator Centre

Edwin Cheng EduEdge

“Scaled To A Million Dollar Business In Just 18 Months!”

“We started EduEdge back in 2013 because of our strong passion in English, we wanted to help students who were struggling with the subject so that they can achieve their desired English grades and transform their life.

We have a really unique method to teach English – by using formulas. But we were having great difficulties trying to get students and parents to understand what is it that we do.

We were bogged down with many admin and operational activities… We found ourselves working “IN” the business instead of “ON” the business. We were going around in circles… and we felt that we needed some direction.

We got to know about Sant and GrowthTribe about 2 years ago. And we have attended several of their workshops and programs.

Having attended those programs, we now have a greater sense of direction, better marketing knowledge and a stronger brand positioning.

We were previously doing 5 figure revenue per month, But as a direct result of having applied those strategies imparted by GrowthTribe, we are now doing 6 figure revenue per month. And have skyrocketed to a million-dollar business.

But more importantly, why this means so much for us is because we can effectively reach out to even more students and parents who needs help in English. So that they can also achieve good grades and transform their lives around.

Because of achieving such phenomenal results from past workshops with GrowthTribe..

We decided to hop on to the MDC program.

The reason is because we wanted to systemise our business processes.

For any serious business owner who’s looking scale and grow your business up to the next higher level and dominate your niche,

We highly encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment with the GrowthTribe team, today.”

– Edwin Cheng, Founder, EduEdge (English Language Specialist)

“Generated $14,000 Of Revenue In Just 2 Weeks!”

“Normally during the Nov/Dec period, I hardly get any new students. Most of the time I’m forced to ‘close shop’ because my classes are empty.

However after attending MDC, I’ve generated $14,400 worth of revenue in just 2 weeks, even in this lull period! I gotta say I’m pretty blown away by the results.”

Jeremy Neo, Founder, The Classroom

Elsie & Lisu, iSun

“Generated Over 250 Leads! Got Over $80k Worth Of New Students Sign-ups  While Driving Costs Down By 300%!”

“2 months after joining MDC, we have generated over 250 leads while driving our costs down by 300% and got over 80k worth of new student sign ups.

Before joining MDC, we faced challenges such as developing a clear marketing message to our audience which we find it a pity because we really have an effective PSLE revision system.

When we work with agencies, most of the time it’s not the most effective as you cannot control the marketing message and it doesn’t really help us to develop our marketing abilities.

MDC do not only show us how to build your own highly effective marketing funnel, but also to improve the whole business, think more strategically, and help us to master the skills so that we are more independent.

We are amazed by the results we are getting in such a short period of time where we follow their system and guidance closely.

The marketing strategies, tactics and systems that we have learned will definitely help us to grow exponentially in the years to come.

As you know, we have already generated over $80k in 1 month. And we know that we will hit 100k very soon.

And when we continue to implement and build the systems taught, It will definitely help us to bring at least 600k worth of new students enrolment.

We strongly recommend MDC program to anyone and everyone who wishes to expand their business. Considering the effort and dedication that they have put in to help us build our internal marketing abilities, this program is absolutely a huge bargain if you want to grow your business.”

– Elsie & Lisu, iSun Education

Tricia Chan, Ace Education

“I’ve Gained Over 60+ Subject Counts In Just 1.5 Months Into The Programme!”

“Before we joined MDC, we had around 150 students and a 260 subject count. We had a goal of having a 350 subject count, a 35% growth which we believe was very achievable.

So we tried many different ways to spread our brand to attract students. We tried online marketing, roadshows and carnivals. Even canvassing and door knocking.

Initially we managed to achieve some student growth but soon it started to get stagnant and there was also emergence of more competitors around our area.

With all these challenges, our goal of 350 subject count started to feel far fetched. On top of that, we were also finding difficulties maintaining our current subject and student numbers.

However, we couldn’t come up with any new marketing plans as we already tried everything we could.

I heard about MDC through my husband who saw an advertisement on Facebook. And decided to meet one of the marketing consultants and at first I was very skeptical of the results they are getting for other Education business owners.

This was because on the surface, it seems that they were providing ordinary services such as Facebook marketing. And we tried Facebook marketing before for our business but yield little results.

But one thing that gave me assurance was the money back guarantee and that it will be in black and white. So there was nothing much to lose. Not to mention, I realized that MDC was not just a typical agency programme.

The consultant shared that there will be coaching and marketing systems developed so that after the programme, I will have enough knowledge and skill sets to handle the marketing systems on my own.

This made me very interested as if this programme helps me to develop a working and proven marketing system that doesn’t just last for the short term but the long run, then this is something I am willing to try.

Joining MDC enabled me to develop skill sets that are very valuable for my business. I started to see results from MDC in just 1.5 months into the programme.

I’ve gained over 60+ new subject counts, far exceeding my expectations. In just 1.5 months, I actually achieved the same amount of result as compared to preparing 3-4 months for an educational roadshow.

On top of that, after the programme, MDC leaves behind their proven sales and marketing system that I can use whenever I want to.

I will definitely recommend MDC to any education owner who wants to boost their business growth.”

– Tricia Chan, Ace Education

“…Collected $45,676 Worth Of Revenue And Looking Forward To Double Our Revenue By The End Of 2017!”

“In MDC, the most impactful moment for us was a mindset breakthrough in pricing our tuition services. Previously we thought people in our area are not willing to pay more than a certain amount for tuition. Worse, most of our competitors also competed on who has the lowest price, causing a never-ending war where we always try to be the centre with the “best price”.

In less than 2 months from launching the campaign, we’ve gotten amazing results!

At this point halfway into the programme, we’ve already gained more than 20 student signups (60 signups by subject count) and collected $45,676 worth of revenue. We’re looking forward to double our revenue by the end of 2017!

– Adam Yeo, Stepping Stones Learning Centre

Update: Stepping Stones Learning Centre generates $120,000 for their premium program and gets 80% retention rate from students who graduate from primary school to secondary school.

Leonard Yong of Terry Chew Academy

“$15k In Additional Revenue From Student Sign-Ups And ROI For Our First Workshop Is 1500%… In Just 1 Week!”

“Even though our founder, Terry Chew, is a well-known High Ability Math Trainer with at least 20 over books published in the past 12 years, many of which are highly sought after in South East Asia, US, UK, Australia and Spain…

We were struggling to get more new students and due to our high operational costs, we were also barely breaking even.

In just the first week of joining the MDC programme, we managed to achieve $15k in additional revenue. The ROI for the first workshop is 1500%! After 2 weeks of marketing and running workshops, we have closed more than $20k, with a few more follow ups pending.

Now, I’m very confident that in the next 6 months, we will achieve at least more than $180k in additional revenues!

– Leonard Yong, Terry Chew Academy

Update: Terry Chew Academy ran workshops in November 2017 and February 2018 and generated a total of $100,000 in revenue.

“The Revenue Has Allowed Us To Be Able To Consider To Open Up More Centres!”

“Before we worked with GrowthTribe, we were having some issues with marketing.

In terms of the challenges, we were putting in a lot of efforts and resources, especially monetary resources, into various marketing forms but many a times they’re are not as effective because generally there’s no follow up with the marketing efforts and the return on the investment is especially pretty low.

The reason why we chose GrowthTribe is because of the expertise that they have. Which is one of a kind of in the market.

After meeting a few marketing consultants, the staff who worked with us, they are very sincere, as well as they will guide us every step along the way.

With their expertise with working with many clients, they shared with us what are the things that can work so that we actually have more efficiency in efforts as well.

The results of working with GrowthTribe is that our Facebook marketing campaign is actually is much more organized now.

We have in-house capabilities to write those effective marketing ads on Facebook.

As a result of all these follow ups as well as the workshops, the training involved, we’re able to bring in about 100 students and many of them took more than a few subjects.

The increase in revenue since the last time when we first started is actually quite significant.

In terms of the long-term benefits that GrowthTribe has brought to us, we have achieved in-house capabilities to scale up our operations.

The revenue that the increased marketing has brought in allowed us to be able to consider at this point to open up more centres as well as to start bringing our operations overseas.

GrowthTribe will help you in guiding and to focus so that your time and efforts spent will be much more worthwhile.

I will not hesitate to recommend GrowthTribe to any business owners who want to scale up their businesses to bring their business to the next level.”

– Chee Chin Young, Fun Learners

Le Xue Education Centre

“Compared To Last Year, We Have Added More Than 120 Students, And Opened Another New Centre!”

“We believe GrowthTribe is a very professional and effective company, which has provided comprehensive support for our marketing campaigns and attracting new students.

GrowthTribe’s response is always very timely and efficient.

While we were planning the opening of a new centre, we sought their assistance in many matters, from choosing venues to conducting open house events, and even details pertaining to our plans.

And they did everything within their ability to support us.

Overall, we have achieved our goal for the number of new students.

Compared to last year, we have added more than 120 students, and opened another new centre.

Having benefited from our cooperation with GrowthTribe, we hope to establish and strengthen the Le Xue Education Centre’s brand, and extend our brand to cover a wider age range in Singapore.

I recommend GrowTribe to my friends’ companies, because Growth Tribe has invaluable experience in marketing as well as digital marketing.

I believe GrowthTribe is a trustworthy company that will work together with you to achieve your goals.”

– Vivien Le, Le Xue Education Centre

Think Teach

“… Helped Us To Generate Close To Six Figures A Month!”

“Before GrowthTribe, in the beginning, we were extremely demoralized.

When we first started, it was only a handful of students, and we were just lost.

We did not know how to get more students.

We knew, we were confident that we could deliver, but students were trickling in.

We started the business, one month, two months later we only had a handful of students.

We knew we needed help. We are teachers, after all, not really business people.

We contacted GrowthTribe, hoping for a springboard to launch our tuition business.

In the end, what we got was not just incredible growth but two dedicated professionals willing to coach us and guide us all the way through.

Indeed, business expanded.

It boomed, and we couldn’t be happier.

The team was extremely dedicated, extremely professional, and, I must say, extremely knowledgeable.

They knew exactly what our problems were.

They could target it, they could tell us what they were.

They diagnosed it so well, and they provided us with the best strategies to solve this problem, get more students.

They taught us how to acquire students, conduct workshops, advertise on Facebook, taught us how to handle, how to follow up with all these leads. Well, besides the teaching, they really taught us how to run a successful tuition business.

GrowthTribe helped us to achieve our happy problem.

Our happy problem being social life-sapping growth.

By growth, I mean a point where we do not even have enough classrooms to fill the number of students that we’ve got because of GrowthTribe’s help.

Well, just after GrowthTribe we hit more than, or at least close to 100 new students.

That helped us to generate close to six figures a month.

Initially, we did not know what to do, but because of GrowthTribe, because of what they taught us, we feel confident now that we are equipped with the knowledge to achieve our goals.

I will recommend GrowthTribe to anybody, really, especially business owners.

If they are looking to grow their business and if they want immense growth, GrowthTribe is really the way to go.

All you need to do is journey with them, learn the knowledge that they have about digital marketing.

They are really so effective. You will be amazed by the miraculous growth that you can get.”

– Algene and Shou Yee, Think Teach Academy

Update: Before working with GrowthTribe, Think Teach had just 20 accounts. As of Feb 2019, Think Teach has 274 accounts, charging $800-$1,000 per term depending on the student’s level.

MPM Math

“… Valuable Insights On How To Grow Our Business!”

“MPM Math has been in the educational business for about 15 years. We have not been changing our marketing strategy. That’s why we are trying to engage a third party to help us to see what we can do to improve the business plan.

Our business has been rather stagnant for over the last couple of years.

Like many other educational centres in our business leads actually comes from words of mouth, and also from existing students’ siblings, and also we are trying to touch a colder market whereby MPM has not reached out before.

We are trying to move into digital marketing to see if we can actually extend that to a wider spread of targeted parents.

We have been looking for a strategic marketing business partner that would help us grow our business.

We selected GrowthTribe because during our first meeting with GrowthTribe they provided us with valuable inputs and recommendations and areas that we can actually do and improve in our marketing strategy to help improve our business.

The team in GrowthTribe are young and energetic and they provide us with many inputs and ideas, recommendations on how we can actually improve our marketing strategy, not only providing us with ideas and recommendations, they also helped us to implement these strategies and to guide us along, give us the right coaching, to help us in building up our marketing plan.

The longer term results that I’m looking out for mainly will be the building up on the MPM branding and to adopt the recommendations and strategies that GrowthTribe has actually been guiding us, coaching us throughout the last six months.

Things like, using Facebook ads through digital marketing.

These are a few platforms that we will continue to work on to boost up our student numbers. I will recommend GrowthTribe program to any other business owners that are looking to improve their branding and also to help to grow their business.”

– Wendy Zee, MPM Math

Simon Eio Learning Hub - Jake

“… Allowing Us To Achieve An Extra Five Figures Income Revenue.”

“We decided with GrowthTribe as the management team felt that growth in terms of student signups and retention has been declining over the years.

We thought that there’s a strong need for us to actually step up our game in terms of digital marketing, and business growth strategy. this is the only way that we can market the centre to reach out to more parents in our region.

We have tried many forms of marketing such as flyers, Facebook posts, Instagram post, et cetera.

These are things that most boutique centres are doing.

We were always very unsatisfied with the results.

The number of signups and responses from such advertisements very low.

We find that the cost-to-profit ratio from these platforms are not cost-effective.

We found ourselves spending a lot of money on this platform and with very little results.

We knew deep down that we had to find something that’s more sustainable and more of a long-term marketing strategy.

The consultant and the team at GrowthTribe have full understanding of the struggles and problem that smaller businesses face.

The team is also extremely systematic.

There is a step-by-step process and guideline for the business owners to follow.

They were also very well-versed with their work and in industry.

They were able to deep-dive into the core of our business and approach.

This actually helped us to understand how different and how unique we were from other businesses, and how we can utilize our competitive advantage to further market ourselves.

After working with the GrowthTribe team and implementing their business growth strategies and digital marketing strategies, we were able to successfully create a sustainable long-term customer acquisition funnel.

Through this, we were able to generate as much as nine signups in a week, and allowing us to achieve an extra five figures income revenue.

Moving forward, we are excited to continue to apply these strategies, and to achieve the next level of growth in our business.

For this year, we are looking forward to doing our seven-figure income in the months to come.

I’ll recommend GrowthTribe to business owners who want to have a breakthrough in their businesses.

The traditional ways of marketing are long gone and ineffective.

The GrowthTribe team goes beyond these traditional marketing techniques, and their business growth strategy strikes to the core of most customers.”

– Jake Koh, Simon Eio Learning Lab

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