Success Stories

Here’s what business leaders and entrepreneurs say about our work

“… Expose The Behind-The-Scenes Strategies And Techniques And Give You The Tools So You Can Shortcut Your Way To Business Success.”

– Charles Wong, Founder, Charles & Keith

Kenny Yap

“The Secrets Revealed By Sant Are Definitely Worth Thousands Of Dollars! It’s A Must If You’re Interested To Explode Your Profits!”

– Kenny Yap, CEO, Qian Hu Corporation

“Sant Is One Of The Best Marketing Strategist Around. Breaks Concept Down Into Simple Step-By-Step Strategies And Tactics! I Highly Recommend Business Owners To Listen To Sant.”

– Thomas Fernandez, Founder, PestBusters

“…(Provides) Power And Specific Strategies Any Business Can Easily Apply To Get More Profits. ”

– Elim Chew, Founder, 77th Street

jack trout

“I’ve Always Advised Companies That Want To Be More Than They Should Be That, ‘It’s Better To Be Niched Than To Be Dead.’

This Book Tells You How To Go About Being Niched.”

– Jack Trout, Marketing Guru, Bestselling Author

Brian Tracy

“…Generously Divulged Their Tricks Of The Trade… Hard-Earned Insights And Real-World Business Strategies That Will Give You The Closely Guarded Success Secrets Of Top Entrepreneurs…

Highly Effective Strategies And Tactics That You Can Apply Immediately To Increase Your Sales And Profitability.”

– Brian Tracy, CEO, Brian Tracy International

“You Can Be A Follower Or You Can Strike Out In A New Direction And Establish A Niche That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd…

They Show You How To Discover Your Niche And Gives You Strategies On How To Build It Into A Money-Making Machine!

And Real-Life Examples Are Priceless.

I Strongly Recommend It.”

– Joseph Sugarman, Founder, BluBlocker Sunglasses

kevin hogan

“It’s Become Repetitive. Carve Out Your Niche And Dominate

But How?

This Book Shows You WHAT To Do To Get That Niche And Build A Great Deal Of Wealth In The Meantime. 

– Kevin Hogan, Persuasion Expert, Bestselling Author

Roger Dawson

“If You’ve Ever Dreamed Of The Riches And Personal Freedom That Can Come From Starting Your Own Business, This Great Book Will Help You Get There. 

– Roger Dawson, Negotiation Expert, Speaker Hall Of Fame, Bestselling Author

Kelvin Fong

“I am amazed at your revamp of our (marketing materials). It greatly increased the number of calls we received.

The first preview after the advertisement revamp by you, attendees increased by more than 350% compared to our previous attendee average.

And the number of people who joined was 475% higher compared to our past average.

The sales experienced 500% increase!”

– Kelvin Fong, Executive Director, PropNex

“Over The Past 12 Month Alone, We Already Clocked In More Than $500,000!”

“I did it! Grew the business to a few full-time staff. And the school should be able to run by itself soon.

In 2014 our revenue was $250,000. But the past 12 months alone we already clocked in more than $500,000! More than quadruple our sales. Thanks to your advice.

Now we’re tightening the sales process, response time and follow up system with weekly and monthly KPIs. Focusing on one aspect at a time. I believe we can hit $1 million this year!

Thanks Sant!“

– John Yeo Jhong Ren, Learning Out Of The Box

“…By Applying The Secret Technique, I Managed To Close A Deal Worth 5-figures…”

“Recently I had a tough sale where I was talking to 3 different levels of management. As usual, some of them were not.

This is pretty  common in the B2B business but by applying your secret techniques, I was able to propose a unique process that would add value to their business, So I managed to close the deal worth 5 – figures.

So I’m very happy that I attended your workshop which helped us to close more sales even during this challenging time and assisted us in strengthening our differentiation!”

– Nicholas Foo, OMAK LLP (BMW Singapore Forum)

“20% Revenue Increments Year After Year!”

“My partner and I were facing the usual marketing challenges such as being unable to reach the right customers for our business, unable to communicate the uniqueness of our products and services so that we can fetch a premium pricing and branding.

That’s when I realized I needed a mentor and guess whose Facebook ad I found on my wall…

Sant taught us exactly what we needed to solve our problems. He showed us how to increase our prices with strategy, this effectively maximizing profit margin, and convey the message to the right target audience!

Right now, I’m chalking in up to 20% revenue increments every year thanks to Sant. We have managed to effectively automate our business by expanding and teaching new employees to run the business even while we are away!

– Vary Yong, IFoundries

“…Closed $28,000 Deal Even When My Company Is Only 11 Days Old!”

“Hi Sant, want to thank you for your advice and guidance, I’ve applied your strategies and CLOSED A $28,000 DEAL even when my company is only 11 days old. Happy to learn so much from you even though I’m so quiet in class.

I basically applied the copywriting skills, irresistible offer and make it easy for the merchant to come on board even before I launch my website.

Nailed their pain and pleasure (biggest motivation) and signed the deal today!! On my first appointment!

Many thanks Sant Qiu and Adam Teow for sharing and teaching so much which I can’t learn elsewhere! Deeply appreciated. My best investment ever…”

– Kaiteing Lee, Innosavv Media Pte Ltd

“We Had Great Success In Just 3 Months As We Achieved $21,000 In Profits!”

“Massive props to Sant and his team for teaching and sharing their excessively useful strategies in niche marketing and positioning.

We had great success in just 3 months as we achieved $21,000 in profits in Q4 2015 and are on track to even greater deals!

If you need profits fast (which entrepreneur doesn’t?), then you need to learn from Sant and his ultra effective team – their results speak for themselves.

– Terebinth Mastery Resources

“…Achieved 6 Figures In Sales In Just A Few Months…”

“After attending Sant’s program, we had a proper marketing plan and system for SocialMetric that generated leads for us consistently. And after applying the sales and copywriting techniques, our conversion has instantly doubled.

I even remember the next day after the workshop where I closed a $80,000 deal just by using the sales techniques! And we’ve gotten 6 figures in sales in just a few months.”

– Marcus Ho, SocialMetric

Jason Ang & Don Tan, Visibiliti

“…We Were Able To Close The Client After The First Meeting…$80,000 Revenue In 2 Months!”

By applying your [secret technique] to communicate our services, we were able differentiate ourselves from more established SEO companies and sell more almost immediately!

One of the deals we closed was for a high profile project, with three SEO agencies competing for the same project. Using the persuasion skills and the email copywriting skills you taught us, we were able to close the client after our first meeting!

In another deal, we were able to persuade a prospective client to sign up for our service, even

though she had an existing contract with another agency and we were charging 300% higher than the other agency!

I would strongly recommend my friends that are trying to build their business or people trying to bring their business to the next level to you. Thanks!”

– Jason Ang & Don Tan, Founding Partners, Visibiliti (Advertising Services)

“…Attracted Over 235% More Applicants!”

“I attracted over 235% more applicants for one of my clients with more or less the same budget after attending Sant’s workshop using one simple technique!

We received 62 unique applications. Using the new ad and our system, they received 146 unique applications in the same time frame and budget.

So to business owners and marketing professionals who are keen to create explosive growth, I would strongly recommend it’s time to invest in meeting Sant and his team. It’s really about investing to profit!”

– Loke Qian Li, SMS24/7 Pte Ltd

Benjamin Yang

“…Attribute $500,000 Directly To The Strategies I Have Learnt From Here!

“We hit our historical high for our sales!

For the longest time ever, I was not able to break a certain sales target. But just that month itself, I managed to get past that irritating ceiling!

And we doubled what we achieved the previous month!

I can attribute more than $500,000 directly to the strategies I learned at the workshop!”

– Benjamin Yang, Balanced Consultancy

Jason Yee

“…Reduced My Cost Per Attendee From $21.43 To $6.73…

“…Attended the Facebook Business Growth System Workshop and applied the strategies and tactics Adam taught to my current ads.

In less than a week, I reduced my cost per preview attendee from $21.43 to $6.73 in less than a week and doubled the numbers of attendees!”

– Jason Yee, Professional Trader, AchieverLife

Ho Sow Yun, ChiRunning

“…23 Leads In Just 30 Minutes!”

“Honestly, I had zero clue how to advertise on Facebook before I attended the FB Business Growth System workshop. I was worried if I could even keep up.

However, Adam and his team of coaches made the whole process so easy to follow… even for a complete beginner like me.

What’s even more surprising is that within 30 minutes after setting up my ads, I got 23 leads for my business.

– Ho Sow Yun, ChiRunning 

“Decreased Our Lead Acquisition Cost By 97.2%…700% Increase In Leads!”

“Just 2 days after applying the strategy Sant taught and it produced results immediately. We decreased lead acquisition costs by 97.2%!

We used to pay about $250 per lead, after applying Sant’s copywriting techniques we reduced it to about $6 – $7 per lead. That is insane!

Not only that, number of leads also increased from about 10 per week to 11 per day. That’s 700% increase in leads.”

-Michael Lin, Auston Institute Of Management

“…350% Compared To Our Previous Attendee Average”

“I am amazed at your revamp of our marketing materials. It greatly   INCREASED the NUMBER OF CALLS we received…

The first preview after the advertisement revamp by you,  ATTENDEES INCREASED BY MORE THAN 350% compared to our previous attendee average.

And the number of people who joined was 475% HIGHER compared to our past average. The SALES EXPERIENCED 500% INCREASE.”

-Eric Feng, Charisma Academy

“Helped The Company Bring In Over $500,000 In Revenue!”

“Sant played a very valuable role in the growth and expansion of the company. He is a fantastic marketer and copywriter!

He wrote most of the marketing materials from scratch, including the brochures, information package and the headline of the advertisement that we ran. That headline was so successful that the phone rang off the hook the first time we ran the ad. It was a phenomenal result!

Within the few months that he was with the company, he helped the company bring in more than $500,000 in revenue! He knows his stuff well. I recommend him highly.”

-Adam Khoo, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies

“Profit Tens Of  Thousands Of Dollars From New Opportunities!”

“Sant is the real deal! His unique style of marketing really works and brings in bottom line results. He has helped me profit additional tens of thousands of dollars from new opportunities!

His marketing ideas and strategies are powerful, creative and practical at the same time. Sant is a dependable friend and someone with integrity.

Engaging Sant’s services is a smart move for any business that is serious about getting real bottom-line results. He is definitely worth it!”

-Dennis Wee, Dennis Wee Group

“….Doubled The Number Of Students In Just 2 Months To 150 Students…!”

“We’ve also learnt other aspects of the business that we never thought we needed to know, such as the need to systemise, as well as how to look for different sources of lead generation. As such, we have even gone into activities such as looking for JV partners to upsell and do referrals in a more systemised manner.

The result was fantastic, cause after all these activities at the year end which is usually a very quiet month, instead of usually ending off the year with 70 students, we actually doubled the number of students in just 2 months to 150 students so that was very very exciting. We’re really looking forward to the good times ahead.”

-Darrin Tan, Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

“500 Leads In 2 Months… 600% ROI… Literally Saved My Business!”

“Before attending Adam’s workshop, we were facing tough challenges in our business as we were spending quite a lot of money on various marketing channels that were not very effective.

But after learning and applying the tips and strategies I learned during the workshop, I managed to get over500 leads in 2 months for my consultation offer page. This amounted to a total of 600% ROI!

That result literally saved my business. Now I’m more confident in the results I can continue to generate from my Facebook campaigns to give my business a sustainable lead generation channel!”

– Peh Zhengyang, Director, D’Elegance International Pte. Ltd.

“…More Than $30,000 In Sales!”

“Before I attended the Facebook Business Growth System workshop, I was already doing a bit of FB marketing myself, but the results were just ok.

But after applying all the techniques and strategies, I’ve generated more than $30,000 in sales, and more’s coming in every single month!”

-Saiful Rizal, Math Prodigies

Dhanosh Pte Ltd

“…$2 Million Dollars Of Sales In Just 2 Weeks!”

“Before I came for the Facebook Business Growth System workshop, I was spending thousands of dollars on traditional marketing methods e.g. TV, newspapers but I wasn’t getting the kind of results I wanted from my property launches.

After the workshop, I learned how to laser target my ads at the right prospects and immediately closed 10 property sales in my last event. That’s a total of $2 million dollars of sales in just 2 weeks after the workshop!

Honestly, I would never recommend this workshop to anyone in my industry because I would lose my edge in the market! Thank you for everything!”

-Saurabh Dhote, Dhanush Pte. Ltd

“…Hit Our Highest Revenue Ever In The Last 22 Years With Almost $400,000!”

“I have sent a few of my team members to the program and I would say it is money well worth. Even at  beginners level, we have built a ATM machine and print cash on demand.

That have never happen before even on a new market like Malaysia where we are there only 6 months.

Not just leads but real customers that pays you hard cash and ready for you to upsell the program!”

-Tang Siew Kwan, Fishlike International Pte Ltd

“52 Students & $48,000 In 4 Months!”

Our business has also remained stagnant for the past 2 years and with increasing competition, our numbers have been the lowest in the past few years. On average, we only get about 1 new student a month. And we’re getting worried that our business will lose out to other centres and sooner or later we will won’t be able to survive.

But since joining MDC, we’ve experienced our biggest sales breakthrough ever!

In just 3 weeks, we started filling up our classes and opening more new classes for new students. On average, we have about 10 new students per month (as compared to 1 new student on average previously). That’s literally 10x our previous results!

To date, we’ve gotten about 40 new students and we’re experiencing at least an 800% increase in ROI!

-Jacqueline Neo, HappyTrain

“…Collected $45,676 Worth Of Revenue And Looking Forward To Double Our Revenue By The End Of 2017!”

“In MDC, the most impactful moment for us was a mindset breakthrough in pricing our tuition services. Previously we thought people in our area are not willing to pay more than a certain amount for tuition. Worse, most of our competitors also competed on who has the lowest price, causing a never-ending war where we always try to be the centre with the “best price”.

In less than 2 months from launching the campaign, we’ve gotten amazing results!

At this point halfway into the programme, we’ve already gained more than 20 student signups (60 signups by subject count) and collected $45,676 worth of revenue. We’re looking forward to double our revenue by the end of 2017!

-Adam Yeo, Stepping Stones Learning Centre

“$15k In Additional Revenue From Student Sign-Ups And ROI For Our First Workshop Is 1500%… In Just 1 Week!”

“Even though our founder, Terry Chew, is a well-known High Ability Math Trainer with at least 20 over books published in the past 12 years, many of which are highly sought after in South East Asia, US, UK, Australia and Spain…

We were struggling to get more new students and due to our high operational costs, we were also barely breaking even.

In just the first week of joining the MDC programme, we managed to achieve $15k in additional revenue. The ROI for the first workshop is 1500%! After 2 weeks of marketing and running workshops, we have closed more than $20k, with a few more follow ups pending.

Now, I’m very confident that in the next 6 months, we will achieve at least more than $180k in additional revenues!

-Leonard Yong, Terry Chew Academy

“Structured And Comprehensive Way To Guide Newbies On Facebook Marketing… FBGS Is A Very Good Investment!”

“I’m from a marketing agency which we just started up a new department for Facebook Marketing not long ago. We mainly provide lead generation services.

As this department was new, I was looking for a structured way to build up my skill sets and apply the best practices out there to lower the cost per lead as well as increase conversion rate of leads into sales.

When I chanced upon Facebook Business Growth Programme (FBGS) one day, I decided to give it a try to see if this could help, and it did!

FBGS provides a structured and comprehensive way to guide newbies on Facebook Marketing. It gave me a big picture on Facebook.

I really like that there are segments that covers Sales Funnel, Facebook Messenger, Retargeting, Email Marketing, etc.

After attending this course, our team concluded that FBGS is a very good investment.

And also, the support GrowthTribe gave was great. They are able to pinpoint what was the challenges I should be working on beyond just the Facebook ad management level but even advise on how we could package our product better as well.

Thank you GrowthTribe for creating this wonderful programme!

– Kaenice Tu, Mobimax

“…Blown Away By The Strategies Taught… Now I Know The Strategies That Helped Construct Multi-million Businesses!

“With what I’ve taken away from the workshop, I’m highly confident of making at least 10x ROI for what I’ve invested in the programme in my upcoming months of the application!

Sant Qiu is truly the deal!”

– Benjamin Loh, Founder, Speaker’s Flare Training & Consultancy

Tim Sanders

Everything I Need & More To Take My Business To The Next Level!

“Before the Facebook Business Growth System workshop, I was clueless about how I could market my products without relying on word of mouth or going door-to-door.

Through FBGS, I learnt how to communicate my offer to my target audience and most importantly how to implement a very effective strategic sales channelling funnel to GET MORE SALES. Exactly what I needed.

I have everything I need and more to take my business to the next step.

– Tim Sanders, Founder, Spiral Asia 

Chris Han

Add A Further 5 Figures To My Business!

“Adam and his team is one that walks the talk!

Before the FBGS course, I didn’t have a proper marketing system and approach to setting up ads and setting the targeting for it.

FBGS taught me how to create, set up and implement a systematic leads and sales funnel into my business that I know will add further 5-figures to my business.

Thanks to FBGS, I no longer have to rely on referrals and networking events to get leads.”

– Chris Han, Founder, Magnetic Media Group Pte Ltd 

Abdul Haadi, REDPreneur

“Slashed Cost Per Lead By 60%! Just By Applying One Strategy I’ve Learnt!”

“I’ve been doing FB ads for over a year now, and I’ve spent something like 20k – 30k on ads so far. I’ve also wasted so much time learning from so called FB gurus till I met you guys. I immediately knew you guys were the real deal.

Previously, I spent crazy amounts on ads, and I spent about $50 – $60 per lead. After the workshop, just by applying one small ads technique ( I kept everything else constant), I’ve managed to slash my cost per lead by almost 60%!

–  Abdul Haadi, Founder, REDpreneur

Ronald Lye

“…Earning 5 Times… Despite Increasing… Rates By More Than 1,000%!

“I spent 6 months working closely with him, and it changed my life completely! Before that, my business was struggling and I was making meagre profits.

After applying what I learned to my own business, it grew faster than I ever thought possible. In just 3 months, I was earning at least 5 times what I was earning before.

That’s despite increasing my copywriting rates by more than 1,000%. To put simply, I was making a lot more even though I was working a lot less. Thanks to Sant, I managed to reposition my business and find a profitable niche.”

– Ronald Lye, Director, WORDPLAY

Jasmine Kang, SkinLYcious

“…Sales Exceeded My Advertising Dollars…” 

“… With the first day of running my FB ads, my quick sales and upsells exceeded my advertising dollars! This is not even including the leads I collected!

Finally, I managed to crack the code to FB Marketing! The Facebook Business Growth System workshop was super duper awesome!

Thanks for making the special arrangements for me so I can learn the techniques though I’m not in Singapore!”

– Jasmine Kang, Founder, SkinLYcious

Patrick Lam

“Videos And Notes Are Very Specific And Practical… Much Clearer Idea Of How To Make Facebook Work For My Business!”

“I have been using Google Adwords for the last 8 years to generate leads for my business.

In the recent years, it was getting increasingly expensive with much more competition from other painting companies.

In fact, my cost went from $1,000 per month to $5,000 per month. Yet, the number of leads and enquiries I was getting was dropping.

I decided to try running Facebook ads on my own last year. But after spending about $2,000+, we were still getting inconsistent results from our campaign.

I joined the Facebook Business Growth System programme because I wanted to know exactly what to do to get more leads and enquiries for my business without spending more time and money trying to figure it out on my own.

I love how the information shared in the videos and notes are very specific and practical. I have attended other courses before and they usually cover very general information you can find on Youtube or even Facebook for free.

Just by going through the first few videos, I have a much clearer idea on how I can make it work for my business.

I also love the advice i get from the team about my ads. They really showed me how i can communicate differently from my competitors.

I definitely see Facebook advertising play a big part in driving more leads and sales for my business in the near futures.

And with GrowthTribe’s help, I believe I can get even better results from my campaigns!”

– Patrick Lam, Co-Founder,

Wee Jun Wei, Lara J

“…100 Leads & 4 Sales In Just 3 Days!”

I attended the Facebook Business Growth System because I witness (first-hand) how my friend’s business  improved dramatically after attending the course.

During this course I learnt ways to set up target groups, ways to optimize and ways to test my ads. But more importantly, I discovered new way of getting ready buyers for my e-commerce business.

Within just 3 days, I get more than 100 and 4 sales! I’m now more confident of growing my business even faster with Facebook”

– Wee Jun Wei, CEO, Lara J 

Seafood Shifu

“…$200 Direct Sales Online In Just 2 Hours Of Running My Ad!”

“Before this I was not using Facebook to run ads. I was posting on my wall and getting very slow results.

After attending Adam’s Facebook marketing workshop, I managed to get $200 direct sales in just 1 hour (this was while I was in the shower)!”

– Christine Lee, Director, Seafood Shifu


“…Increase My Workshop Price By 84%… 55% Increase In Sign Ups!”

“In less than 3 months time, not only have you helped increase my workshop price by a whopping 84%,

I’ve also seen a 55% increase in sign ups as compared to my previous years running the workshop.

I need to especially praise and recommend to others your automated, hands off system.

90% of the time I don’t have to communicate with the prospects, until after they become a customer

— freeing my time to focus on other aspects of my business! Your strategies are very effective and produce results!”

– Norman Tien, Founder, NeuroMath


“…180 Leads…Over $24,000 In Revenue!”

“We’ve been trying to figure things out on Facebook for quite awhile, spending $50 here and $100 there; mostly to no results or at most some increased website traffic for a couple of days.

After attending, I will say I’m totally blown-away and it was definitely one of the best business decisions we have made! The workshop was filled with great content, actionable steps and strategies. The first campaign we ran after the workshop generated 180 leads! Not just traffic, but actual leads that we could nurture and generate revenue from!

From the 180 leads, we’ve generated more than $24,000 in revenue from using your techniques and strategies.”

– Felicia Hoo, Co-Founder, Top Education Centre

Chris Siew

“Grew Our Student Base From 30 To Well Over A Hundred Within 6 Months!”

“I started working with GrowthTribe as I’ve read the testimonials from past participants and I was impressed with the results that they’ve achieved within a short time, and I wanted to expand my centre.

Before working with GrowthTribe, I wasn’t able to generate regular leads for my marketing campaigns. The results were not consistent. I was not able to reach out to my target parent to tell them about the benefits of our programmes.

During the time that we worked together, we managed to grow our student base from 30 to well over a hundred within 6 months!

Now, we are looking towards growing our student base to 200 within the next year.

I would certainly recommend GrowthTribe to any business owners in the service industry looking to grow their client base.

I’m glad I’ve chosen GrowthTribe to sharpen these aspects of my business and take it to the next level!”

– Chris Siew, Founder, Math Accelerator Centre

Edwin Cheng EduEdge

“Scaled to a million dollar business in just 18 months!”

“We started eduedge back in 2013 because of our strong passion in english, we wanted to help students who were struggling with the subject so that they can achieve their desired English grades and transform their life.

We have a really unique method to teach English – by using formulas. But we were having great difficulties trying to get students and parents to understand what is it that we do.

We were bogged down with many admin and operational activities… We found ourselves working “IN” the business instead of “ON” the business. We were going around in circles… and we felt that we needed some direction.

We got to know about Sant and Growth Tribe about 2 years ago. And we have attended several of their workshops and programs.

Having attended those programs, we now have a greater sense of direction, better marketing knowledge and a stronger brand positioning.

We were previously doing 5 figure revenue per month, But as a direct result of having applied those strategies imparted by GrowthTribe, we are now doing 6 figure revenue per month. And have skyrocketed to a million-dollar business.

But more importantly, why this means so much for us is because we can effectively reach out to even more students and parents who needs help in English. So that they can also achieve good grades and transform their lives around.

Because of achieving such phenomenal results from past workshops with GrowthTribe..

We decided to hop on to the MDC program.

The reason is because we wanted to systemise our business processes.

For any serious business owner who’s looking scale and grow your business up to the next higher level and dominate your niche,

We highly encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment with the GrowthTribe team, today.”

– Edwin Cheng, Founder, EduEdge (English Language Specialist)

“Generated $14,000 Of Revenue In Just 2 Weeks!”

“Normally during the Nov/Dec period, I hardly get any new students. Most of the time I’m forced to ‘close shop’ because my classes are empty.

However after attending MDC, I’ve generated $14,400 worth of revenue in just 2 weeks, even in this lull period! I gotta say I’m pretty blown away by the results.”

Jeremy Neo, Founder, The Classroom

Elsie & Lisu, iSun

“Generated Over 250 Leads! Got Over 80k Worth Of New Students Sign-ups  While Driving Costs Down By 300%!”

“2 months after joining mdc, we have generated over 250 leads while driving our costs down by 300% and got over 80k worth of new student sign ups.

Before joining mdc, we faced challenges such as developing a clear marketing message to our audience which we find it a pity because we really have an effective psle revision system.

When we work with agencies, most of the time it’s not the most effective as you cannot control the marketing message and it doesn’t really help us to develop our marketing abilities.

MDC do not only show us how to build your own highly effective marketing funnel, but also to improve the whole business, think more strategically, and help us to master the skills so that we are more independent.

We are amazed by the results we are getting in such a short period of time where we follow their system and guidance closely.

The marketing strategies, tactics and systems that we have learned will definitely help us to grow exponentially in the years to come.

As you know, we have already generated over 80k in 1 month. And we know that we will hit 100k very soon.

And when we continue to implement and build the systems taught, It will definitely help us to bring at least 600k worth of new students enrolment.

We strongly recommend MDC program to anyone and everyone who wishes to expand their business. Considering the effort and dedication that they have put in to help us build our internal marketing abilities, this program is absolutely a huge bargain if you want to grow your business.”

– Elsie & Lisu, iSun Education

Tricia Chan, Ace Education

“I’ve Gained Over 60+ Subject Counts In Just 1.5 Months Into The Programme!”

“Before we joined MDC, we had around 150 students and a 260 subject count. We had a goal of having a 350 subject count, a 35% growth which we believe was very achievable.

So we tried many different ways to spread our brand to attract students. We tried online marketing, roadshows and carnivals. Even canvassing and door knocking.

Initially we managed to achieve some student growth but soon it started to get stagnant and there was also emergence of more competitors around our area.

With all these challenges, our goal of 350 subject count started to feel far fetched. On top of that, we were also finding difficulties maintaining our current subject and student numbers.

However, we couldn’t come up with any new marketing plans as we already tried everything we could.

I heard about MDC through my husband who saw an advertisement on Facebook. And decided to meet one of the marketing consultants and at first I was very skeptical of the results they are getting for other Education business owners.

This was because on the surface, it seems that they were providing ordinary services such as Facebook marketing. And we tried Facebook marketing before for our business but yield little results.

But one thing that gave me assurance was the money back guarantee and that it will be in black and white. So there was nothing much to lose. Not to mention, I realized that MDC was not just a typical agency programme.

The consultant shared that there will be coaching and marketing systems developed so that after the programme, I will have enough knowledge and skill sets to handle the marketing systems on my own.

This made me very interested as if this programme helps me to develop a working and proven marketing system that doesn’t just last for the short term but the long run, then this is something I am willing to try.

Joining MDC enabled me to develop skill sets that are very valuable for my business. I started to see results from MDC in just 1.5 months into the programme.

I’ve gained over 60+ new subject counts, far exceeding my expectations. In just 1.5 months, I actually achieved the same amount of result as compared to preparing 3-4 months for an educational roadshow.

On top of that, after the programme, MDC leaves behind their proven sales and marketing system that I can use whenever I want to.

I will definitely recommend MDC to any education owner who wants to boost their business growth.”

– Tricia Chan, Ace Education

Karen Cheng, PropNex

“Generated more than 100+ leads in 1 week and closed a sale in just 1 month since attending the course!”

“I used to use Google Adwords to drive leads but it is getting too expensive and competitive. I wanted to learn Facebook Advertising because I heard it was a much faster way to get leads. At first, I thought I can figure it out on my own. But I made mistakes and lost a few hundred dollars.”

Thankfully, when I came to Adam’s workshop, I learned a systematic way of running my Facebook ads. It helps that the coaches are extremely helpful and were able to give me on-the-spot feedback on my ads e.g. what to do and what not to do.

After the workshop, running FB ads becomes as easy as ABC! Within the first week after attending Adam’s course in late June, I managed to generate more than 100+ leads and even closed a sale 1 month later!”

Karen Cheng, PropNex

Mary Tan

A 5-Figure Commission In Just 1.5 Months!

“Even though I had zero experience with Facebook Advertising before the course, I managed to generate leads and even closed 5-figures worth of commission from my first campaign.

If you are an agent looking to close more commissions in the next few months, I highly recommend you join FBGS.

I was so impressed by the course that I encouraged 25 of my agents to join in too.

I know I’ll be encouraging more of my leaders to join this course.”

Mary Tan, Associate Executive Group District Director, Huttons Asia Pte. Ltd.

Terrence Tang, PropNex

14 Leads, 4 Appointments & 2 Red Hot Prospects For My Asset Reallocation Services!

“When I first started using Facebook Advertising to get leads, I was trying to figure it out on my own. I tried to get clicks to my website and run post engagement ads. But after trying for weeks and spending hundreds of dollars on my ads, I wasn’t able to get any leads.

I decided to join Facebook Business Growth System online training because I wanted to learn a tested and proven system for getting leads and appointments.

The programme is extremely comprehensive and covered more than just Facebook Advertising. It covers advanced topics like the right mindset to have when it comes to advertising and sales copywriting.

I personally watched each video 2-3 times because the content they shared is so valuable for my business!

After just one week of applying what they taught me in the first few modules, I was able to get 14 leads, 4 appointments and 2 red hot prospects for my asset reallocation services.

I was blown away by the results!

Thank you Adam and team for putting together this amazing programme!”

– Terrence Tang, Real Estate Professional, PropNex

Bobby Sng, Huttons

2 Sales For An Overseas Property In Less Than A Week!

“Before going through the course, I spent over $3,000 on Facebook ads without getting results for my projects.

From the course, I learned how to target my ads at the right market, create ads and a high converting lead capture page that actually turns cold visitors into red hot prospects for my business.

In less than a week after the course, I made 2 sales for an overseas property.

I definitely recommend all real estate agents to attend this powerful workshop and take full advantage of Facebook advertising for your business!”

– Bobby Sng, Senior District Director, Huttons Asia Pte. Ltd.

“Got Highly Qualified Leads In Just 24 Hours… $15,000 Of Commissions!”

“I applied what I learned for a recent Enclave @ Oxley Rise project and got highly qualified leads within just 24 hours after running my campaigns. One of them was a high net worth client who is looking for multiple properties for investment.

I managed to close a sales within 1 month after the workshop and made $15,000 of commissions! Since then, I had launched more campaigns and made tens of thousands of dollars of additional sales!

Jonathan Leong, Huttons Asia Pte. Ltd

“… 200 Leads And Closed 2 Sales For My Project”

“Previously, I was experimenting with Facebook advertising on my own… and not only was I barely getting any results, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong!

Through the workshop, I was able to increase my leads and reduce my cost significantly by improving the way I do my targeting and my messaging. The coaches are fantastic and were able to provide specific feedback on my ads.

But after applying Adam’s system, all I need to do is switch on my campaigns and I’m able to get leads whenever I want! In total, I easily generated close to 200 leads and closed 2 sales for my project!”

Jet Lee, Group Director, Huttons Asia Pte. Ltd

11 Leads By First Hour… And The Best Part Was I Managed To Set 3 Appointments!

“Previously, I was generating leads through referrals and old traditional prospecting methods like giving out flyers. It was slow and inconsistent, and I wanted to look for a faster and better way to generate more leads!

During Adam’s workshop, I managed to get 11 leads by the first hour and by the end of the class, I have attracted a total of 27 leads!

The best is I managed to set 3 appointments through the first batch of leads that I got!”

Lester Tan, Marketing Director, ERA Realty

“Managed To Get 19 Leads… For A Very Niche Market!”

“Leads are usually really hard to come-by for agents like me who are targeting home-sellers…

But after applying some of Adam’s strategies, I was able to easily attract 19 leads for my target market

and I’m already talking to quite a few of them. I’m really happy with my results!”

– Willi Ching, Associate Group Director, Huttons

Teo Peiru

“…More Leads Within A Short Period Of Time”

“Before coming for this workshop, I didn’t know how to build a full fledged social media marketing funnel. I knew some tools, but was unable to them in the most effective way possible. Most importantly, I wanted to learn how to reduce the cost of my advertising.

After attending this workshop, I learnt how to craft my entire funnel and implement it within a short period of time so I can get more leads at a lower cost!

I’m sure this will help me impact more people, educate and nurture them to get positive impressions for my company’s brand!”

– Teo Peiru, CEO, La Belle Couture (Wedding Boutique)

Hariman Kwok

“Just 36 Hours…105 Leads… 600% ROI!”

“Before attending the Facebook Business Growth System workshop , I was spending a lot of money on FB ads every month. I was only getting some likes here and there but no sales.

I applied the techniques as soon as I finished the course and within 36 hrs, I got 105 leads. In total, I got 600% ROI in just couple of weeks. Starting to get in touch with these hot leads! More to come!”

– Hariman Kwok, Managing Director, Polliwogs Singapore (Children Entertainment)

Barry Tan, Vinaastee

“…40% More Leads For My Retail Promotion In Just One Week!”

“Before I attended the Facebook Business Growth System workshop, I had zero ideas about crafting a good ad, more so a targeted ad to address your audience.

During the workshop, they shared great insights into the hints, tricks and hacks on getting optimum results in a relatively short time. In addition, they will keep your dollar spend to the minimum!

In the first campaign I ran, I got 40% more leads in just one week!”

P.S. They take good care of the students, even if all of us are from different niches and industries.

– Barry Tan, Creative Director, Vinaastee (Leather Goods Distributor)

Leon Lai, Manch Wellness

“…In Less Than 1 Week…27 Enquiries And 3 Sales!”

“Before I attended the Facebook Business Growth System workshop, I never done any kind of online marketing before.  Most of my customers came to my shop via word of mouth. 

After the workshop, with the support from the trainers and the team, I was able to start running ads immediately!

In fact, I was profitable from the very first campaign I ran. In less than a week, I got 27 enquiries for my massage services and 3 sales. I can’t wait to scale my campaigns and bring in thousands of dollars of  profits!”

– Leon Lai, Managing Director, Manch Wellness (Massage Services)

Andy Er, Soon Seng Heng

“…11 Enquiries For My Curtain Services In Just 1 Week!”

“Before joining the Facebook Business Growth System workshop, I was having difficulties getting customers for my new curtain business using traditional “word-of-mouth” marketing.

Within a week after attending the workshop,  I got 11 enquiries for about $3.50 each. And the best part is these are people who genuinely want to replace their curtains!

I believe this will be my “secret weapon” because I’m the only one in my industry marketing on Facebook the RIGHT WAY!”

– Andy Er, Director, Soon Seng Heng (Curtains & Blinds)

Garreth Peh, Aesperon Academy

“…Made Over $14,000 In Sales…”

“The Facebook Business Growth System workshop is perfect if you’re like me and want a no-nonsense, clear and actionable methodology for generating leads and sales through Facebook.

In less than 1 month, I spent $700 to make over $14,000 of sales and more than paid for the course.

The syllabus is up-to-date, well-organised and delivered with enthusiasm. For anyone interested in Facebook Marketing, I highly recommend this course!”

– Garreth Peh, Aesperon Academy (Construction Training)

Colin Ee

“…Raked In My First $100,000 For My Business!”

“…After applying just a few of the techniques from the FB Business Growth System Workshop, my cost-per-sign up reduced by more than 82%. The best part is that I got these results within only 2 weeks and they are very easy to apply!

In 5 months of unleashing the secrets of copywriting and FB writing,  I have single handedly raked in my first $100,000 for my business!

In fact I just up my fee again. One year ago it’s unthinkable, but now it’s the norm. People just pay.”

– Colin Ee, PSF Real Estate Training

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