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Hey Educators!

It’s the start of the New Year, and if you haven’t started marketing efforts it’s about time you get started!


Well… Competition is growing tougher and tougher.

With tons of new centres popping up in tuition “hotspots” like Bishan, Goldhill Centre, Bukit Batok, Hougang & Kovan…

Educators need to actively look for reliable marketing channels that can consistently attract new students (forget about depending on referrals and flyers for now)!

Not to mention efforts to combat in-direct competitors like private tutors who offering their services at cheaper rates…

So if you’re looking for proven strategies to grow your student base, increase your branding and beat the competition…

You’ll be glad to know that we’ll be sharing what’s currently working for our current participants (Read: some of these strategies are in fact brought in 18, 40 and even 70 additional students last month in December)!

Let’s get started.

Marketing Tactic #1: Create Facebook Ads That Have Strong “Angles” To Attract The RIGHT Parent

If you’ve been paying attention to your Facebook newsfeed over the past few months, you’ll realize that a lot of centres have been running ads like this:

While these ads might be getting attention and attracting some eyeballs, a large percentage of these ads quickly “burn-out” (the market starts ignoring the ad quickly).

We’ve experienced this a couple of times when we were running our own tests (usually doing pretty well at first for 1 or 2 months, then suddenly dipping drastically).

In other words, running ads that are purely focused on “Results” or “Guaranteed Grades” may work for awhile…But soon stop working because the market (parents) get easily numbed to advertising (especially since everyone is doing the same thing).

Another reason why the “result-based” angles may be a challenge in the long run is because not every centre is able to “guarantee” such results.

Some centres focus on a specific approach or a non-academic intelligence (critical thinking, logical processing etc), that may not necessarily be guaranteeing grades…

What You Can Try Instead:

Create an ad with a unique “angle” that attracts parents to a different selling point.

In our Market Domination Circle coaching program, we actually share 12 different ad angles that parents are interested in (without purely focusing on results).

[You can check out more about how to qualify for our program here:


One of the interesting examples is the “Testimonial Ad”.

This ad “angle” focuses on creating empathy in the reader by explaining a scenario that a child was facing (eg: struggling with problem sums to now even helping his friends etc).

Obviously, if the child jumps a couple of grades, that would be useful to put in as well (but remember the focus is on the child’s story and not the results)!

The moment you’re able to do this…

Not only will you be able to attract a whole bunch of parents who are interested in your services…You’ll be able to get a lot more qualified parents (a market with a very specific need and are more likely to pay you premium)!

Which brings me to the next point…

Marketing Tactic #2: Create A Persuasive Sales Letter To Increase Turn-Up Rate

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve encountered plenty of parents who’ve made appointments and mysteriously “disappeared” on the day of the consult/trial class.

Over the last year of interviewing over 30 educators…

I’ve heard of cases where centres can experience as high as up to 70% “no-show” rates (that’s 7/10 parents pulling a fast one and conveniently missing appointments).

Not sure about you, but I’d be very worried if something like that was happening to my centre.

Now, the reason why you’re experiencing a high”no-show” rate is probably because there wasn’t enough “desire” or “curiosity” built when they first enquired.

Let’s face it.

We’re all busy people…

And we usually only make time for things that are EXTREMELY important/interesting.

If parents signed up for an appointment on your website without being properly “framed”, they can easily forget or lose desire along the way…

What You Can Try Instead:

Instead of making it too “easy” for parents to enquire about your services & forget…I always recommend to educate your market by explaining things like:

  • Your background
  • The teaching method you use
  • What they can expect when they come down

In a separate page called a “sales letter”.

This “sales letter” acts as a marketing vessel to educate your parents BEFORE even meeting you for an appointment (usually pretty long because the more you tell, the more you sell).

It serves 2 very important purposes.

1. A good “sales letter” pre-sells the parent on your program (this allows you to spend less time “selling” the parent and more time on helping them solve their challenge).

2. A good “sales letter” also builds trust in the market by explaining your credentials, sharing successful testimonials, etc (this lowers any resistance that the parent might feel during your appointment).

When done correctly, it can be a very powerful marketing tool.


Right now, there are some agencies who are currently creating similar pages and claiming them to be “persuasive sales letters”.

Be very careful as an unskilled writer/marketer can easily ruin the brand you’ve worked hard to build.

There have been cases where clients were forced to close and re-brand because of fictitious claims made by so called “persuasive marketers/copywriters” (this was for a small centre in the Kovan/Hougang area).

Remember to ensure that proper measures are taken and that you look for trusted authorities if you plan to create a sales letter (think of it as a trusting a surgeon to perform an operation on your brain).

Very fragile!

Side-note: Our clients follow a tested & proven 12 Step Formula that has seen consistent success despite heavy competition (more about our strategies here).

And here are the results from a recent campaign they ran –

POWERFUL SECRET: The next tactic I’ll be sharing is something that we teach in the Market Domination Circle Program that has led to extremely high ROI.

The best part is that it’s FREE and very effective (I’ll be gifting you a template as well to test out in your centre over the next few days).

Marketing Tactic #3: Send Out A “Re-Activation” Email

Centres that have a decent database of current/previous students (30-100) should test this out immediately.

Sending out a “Re-activation” Email is a very useful marketing trick that can easily get you an additional 5-10 sign ups with little to no effort on your part.

The idea here is pretty simple.

Re-engage existing or previous students with a new offer to make them a client again (this works well for enrichment, training and even seminar niches as well).

How To Execute This:

Step #1: Consolidate a list of previous/ existing students

Couple of things you can include are:

– Name of student
– Current grades
– Previous grades
– Mobile Number
– Email
– Classes Taken At Your Centre

Step #2: Create a “Re-activation” Email (Download your free template right below) that offers a new program (Eng, Math, Science, New Math Technique Program etc)

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Step #3: Send this out manually/with an email software (Tip to work faster: Don’t get too bogged with the technical software etc, just go for the quickest way to test the email)

Step #4: Collect new sign ups

That’s it.

It’s ridiculously simple (yet very few educators take action and execute this step).

Interestingly, this little “trick” is also one of the biggest ways online retail stores like Lazada & Qoo10 get customers to keep returning and spending money with them!

Trust me on this one.

If you execute this effectively, you’ll be surprised as Darrin & Charissa from Knowledge Trail (See their case study below)!


Now, with the 3 tactics I’ve shared above, you’re on your way to attracting tons of new student sign ups (likely to fill your classrooms before June)…

But if you’re still interested in learning about more strategies to implement, I’ve decided to release an additional 2 bonuses for educators who are serious about growing their business this year.

I’m talking about centres who are in the $200k-$700k range who are looking to break the $1,000,000 mark (I’ve seen this done in 2 years or less).

Below are the 2 tactics I’m interested in sharing in an exclusive 1-on-1 consultation for serious education business owners:

Marketing Bonus #1: How Craft A Meaningful “1-on-1” Consultation For Your Centre

  • The 22 Step Presentation sequence that some of our educators have used to close $2,500 worth of annual fees in just 40 mins (this deck is strictly reserved for our existing clients only).
  • How to structure 4 segments of your consult that causes parents to sign up immediately (no monthly fees, no more waiting on payments).
  • How to differentiate your tuition services and make your program the only logical choice (even if big, established education brands like M.C & T.L.L are 200 metres away from your centre).

Marketing Bonus #2: How To Build Brand Equity

  • The ethical method to create deep loyalty in your clients and get them to stay with you for 1-3 years without offering discounts (you won’t see them jumping to your competitors after a 1 month trial anymore).
  • How to consistently get referrals from your current students (this is without begging them for new students or “hard-selling” them referral incentives).
  • How to get testimonials without getting pushy (PLUS: how to structure the testimonials persuasively and effectively so parents don’t have to read through boring chunks of wordy/boring text).

Again, the 2 additional bonuses are only reserved for centres (within $200k-$700k) who want to expand aggressively and start gaining a dominant share of the tuition market.

You can read more about the full programme here -> http://www.growthtribe.com/mdc-sl-e-7

So, if you’re an education business owner that meets the criteria above and wants to secure your FREE exclusive 1-on-1 consultation, drop me your name, email, and number in the box below, and we’ll get in touch within the next 24 hours to chat about growing your education business.

Anyway, drop me a comment if you have any questions about today’s article, or if you found the above was helpful!

Time for you guys to start implementing and getting results.