Educators- Should You Be Investing In Marketing Now?

October is fast approaching — which means only one thing for tuition-centre owners like yourself:

The End-Of-Year exams are coming.

And for most tuition centres, the most logical thing to do is to focus their efforts on preparing their students for the end-of-year exams…

Because if your students don’t perform well, then it won’t inspire confidence in parents who are thinking of enrolling their kids in your centre… right?

Yes, prepping students for the exams is a good course of action… but not the only one.

You see, while most tuition centres are busy focussing on prepping students for the exams during the October period…

A small group of fast-growing centres are aggressively investing in MARKETING on top of the usual EOY exams prep.

Here’s why you should follow in their footsteps:

1. When Your Graduating Students Leave At The End Of October, You Will See A Drastic Drop In Student Numbers

Many of our clients tell us that it’s pretty common to see a 30-50% drop in students at the end of October.

This means that best case scenario — almost 1/3 of your student base will disappear… and the worst case? HALF of your students will leave.

That’s a 30-50% drop in your long-term revenue if you aren’t able to get the same number of new students as the ones who left your centre.

Unfortunately for most centres, they can’t fully recover from the loss of graduating students… simply because they don’t invest in marketing.

With marketing, you’ll be able to get MORE new student enrolments than you are “leaking” students due to graduation or other reasons.


Without Investing In Marketing : New Student Enrolments < Leaving Students = Loss In Annual Revenue & Shrinking Business

With Proper Investment In Marketing: New Student Enrolments > Leaving Students = Sustainable Growth, Year on Year


It’s simple math.

In order to keep growing sustainably, you MUST have a higher new-student-enrolment rate as compared to your graduating/leaving-student rate.

The key here is CONSISTENCY.

You can’t only depend on referrals and word-of-mouth to overcome the graduating-student issue — because as I’m sure you know, these methods are highly inconsistent.

One week you can be getting a ton of referrals and walk-ins, but the next? You maybe get a tiny trickle (if you’re lucky).

And if you’re solely depending on referrals and walk-ins, you will face stagnating student numbers year after year…

Because from October of this year to the next, your new students coming in are simply filling in the slots of your students that have left — which means there’s no growth.

(Above) A graph showing student numbers over a year if you solely depend on referrals and word-of-mouth


Year after year, your student numbers will fluctuate within the same range — with little to zero growth.

This is why you should be investing in marketing right now.

Because with marketing, your student numbers can consistently grow — even if you lose 30-50% of your graduating students by the end of October.

(Above) A graph showing student numbers over a year if you invest in marketing + a referral & word-of-mouth strategy


This is why our clients can grow their education businesses in spurts — while their competitors are struggling to recover from the loss of graduating students.

Clients like Darrin from Knowledge Trail Learning Centre who had slightly over 70 students when he first approached us… but after aggressively implementing our marketing strategies…

He incredibly doubled his student numbers from 70 to 140 within just 2 months.

And the best part?

He managed to do this during from end of October to December — the supposedly “slow” months for education centres.

The bottom line?

Investing in marketing — especially during the month of October onwards — is probably the best decision you’ll make if you’re looking to expand your education business.

Here’s another reason why you should start investing in marketing right now:

2. Mid-October (Post-SA2) Is The “Hottest” Season For Parent Enquiries

Very few educators realise this:

The best time to aggressively market is right after the SA2 exams — because it’s when reality of their kids’ academic standing hits parents the hardest.

Imagine how concerned parents will feel when their kids bring home their EOY exam results, and it’s plastered with Cs and Ds, or worse — Es and Fs.

Alarm bells will start ringing in their heads, and these very same parents will immediately start looking for a solution to “save” their children’s poor grades before it’s too late.

So when they see an ad like this while scrolling through Facebook, there’s a very high chance they’ll take action and enquire about the centre’s programs:

(Above) A high-performing Facebook ad by one of our education clients  [Certain parts of the ad has been redacted for confidentiality purposes]


And because the urgency to help their children’s falling academics is at an all-time high, parents will be more likely to enrol their kids in our client’s centre — giving them an influx of new students within a matter of weeks.

This is why we always urge our clients to ramp up their marketing efforts during this “Golden Post-EoY-Exam Period”:

Because it’s the best time to rapidly fill up your classes and expand your centre(s).

It’s been proven time and time again.

This is how our client, Jeremy — founder of The Classroom — was able to achieve $14,400 worth of student signups within just 3 weeks:

(Above) Our client, Jeremy — founder of The Classroom— achieved $14,400 worth of student signups because he invested in our marketing strategies during the October period

Find out how you can enlist our strategies to help your education centre rapidly grow and expand here


Jeremy would have missed out on a significant number of new students if he hadn’t chose to invest in marketing during the “Golden Post-EOY-Exam Period”.

The question is:

Are you going to follow in Jeremy’s footsteps?

If your answer isn’t a resounding ‘YES” by now…

Then perhaps this will help:

3. Parents Are More Willing To Commit To Sign-Up For 6 Months To 1 Year Packages Towards The End Of The Year

Again, this is because of the intense urgency parents feel when they see their children’s poor End-Of-Year exam results.

They want to get immediate help for their kids so they won’t mind paying more to commit to a 6-month or 1-Year package, if it will help pull their kids’ grades up in time for the major examinations like PSLE or O Levels.

Plus, given that the Post-SA2 period is near the end of the year, committing to a 6-Month to 1-Year package doesn’t feel like a “waste”… simply because it’s going to be the start of a new academic year soon.

So in their minds, their kids are getting the help they need consistently throughout the next year — and by the time the “commitment” of the package ends, it’s just in time for the next major end-of-year examinations.

This is why we recommend to our clients to move away from a monthly-fee system to a term-based package ranging from 6 months to a year.

You get to enjoy higher upfront cashflow and a longer-term commitment from the parents — which means student retention for your centre will be higher.

Good news all around 🙂

And our clients love it.

Felicia — founder of ThinkersBox — managed to get a total of $39,200 worth of student signups in just 3 weeks… thanks to the term-package she implemented.

(Above) Felicia — founder of ThinkersBox — managed to get a total of $39,200 worth of student signups in just 3 weeks, thanks to the term package she implemented


So if you’re looking for a way to get a massive spike in cash flow and revenue for your education business…

Investing in marketing during the Golden Post-SA2 period will help you do just that — along with implementing a term-package system for your centre.


So should you invest in marketing right now?

The answer is a clear YES.

With the end-of-year exams fast approaching by end October, you’ll see a 30-50% drop in student numbers when your graduating students leave your centre.

Which means that you need to get new students — FAST.

And the best way to do this is to invest in marketing and ramp up marketing efforts during this period… so you can have a higher new-student enrolment rate than your leaving-student rate. This way your centre can still grow consistently — even if 30-50% of your students graduate at the end of the year.

Also, when October ends, it’s the Post-SA2 period — which is the “hottest” season for parent enquiries, as they feel the intense urgency to seek out tuition help for their kids when they see their poor exam results.

If you’re not investing in marketing right now, you’d be missing out on a ton of potential students when this “Golden Period” comes.

Finally, parents are more likely to commit to longer term packages of 6-months to 1-year towards the end of the year.

And without strong marketing efforts during this period, you’d lose out on the chance to get a massive spike in cash flow and revenue, and also to increase your student retention rates.

Simply put:

Investing in marketing right now is probably the best business decision you’ll make this year.

If you haven’t started, now’s the optimal time to begin.

P.S. What other concerns do you have regarding investing in marketing? Voice it out in the comments below and we’ll see how we can help 🙂