5 Types Of Audiences Tuition Centres Need To Target On Facebook

If you’re running Facebook campaigns and notice a lot of strange, foreign people liking your page…

You’re spending money targeting the wrong people!

This usually happens when educators try to use the “boost post” function to advertise.

Although it’s really easy to use, the downside is the functions available to you are very limited as compared to using your Facebook Ads Manager to create your ads.

This is why you will notice that sometimes the audience seeing your ads is not very accurate.

In this short article, I’d like to share with you 5 types of audiences you should be targeting to get REAL enquiries from REAL Singaporean parents.

This will help:

– Avoid wasting precious advertising dollars.

– Optimize your campaign and get better results.

Let’s get started!

Audience #1: People Who Visited Your Website

Did you know you can set your advertising to specifically reach out to people who have visited your website?

This is what we call “Retargeting” and it’s one of the most effective online marketing techniques available because by doing this,

You’ll be advertising to parents who are actively looking for tuition services & are already exposed to your centre’s programs and this is important because statistically, majority of parents won’t buy or sign-up for your trial classes on first sight.

And Retargeting will enable you to constantly advertise to this group of parents, keeping your brand at “the top of their minds” and if done right,

You will see a huge spike in your program enquiries and a plunge in advertising costs.

And the best part is,

It’s really easy to do this.

Assuming your “Facebook Pixel” is already set onto the specific webpage that you want to retarget,

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and click on Audiences.

Then select Create Audience > Custom Audience > Website Traffic

Finally, you can select the most relevant option for your needs.

And… voila!

You’ve just created a “Custom Audience” which you can use when creating your ads to retarget parents who visited your website.

Audience #2: Fans Who’ve Engaged With Your Brand

This is another form of retargeting, where you’ll be able to advertise specifically to people who have engaged with your brand via Facebook (liked your posts or fan page, shared, commented etc…)

The beauty of doing this, is that your ads will be shown specifically to people who already trust your brand and are more receptive to what you have to offer.

Because of this, many of our educator clients find this “targeting option” particularly effective when they are launching a new holiday program and special promotions as their “fans” readily snap up their offers like hotcakes.

To try this out for yourself the next time you launch a new ad,

Select add a connection type > Facebook pages > People who like your page

This method allows you to target people who “like” your centre’s fanpage.


There’s a separate, more advanced technique if you want to target parents who engaged with your posts, watched your videos etc..

Similar to setting up a custom audience (as shown previously),

Click create audience > custom audience

Then select the engagement tab,

And you’ll be able to choose the relevant type of audience you want to advertise to.

Audience #3: Parents With Kids At A Specific Age

If you’re trying to reach a wider audience with your ads,

Then this targeting option will arguably be your bread & butter.

Facebook has developed their advertising system to be so powerful, it’s almost scary.

You can actually narrow down your ads to reach specific types of parents.

For example if you have a PSLE program,

When setting up your ad campaign, you can choose to target parents with children between 8-12 years old.

By doing this, you will actually reduce your costs while improving results because most of your ad budget will be focused on reaching your most ideal market as opposed to using a generic term like “Parents” where your ads will get shown to people who aren’t interested in your programs (and you still get charged for it!).

When it comes to doing your targeting (on Facebook),

Being specific is the name of the game.

Audience #4: Popular Schools

By targeting popular schools, you can reach a demographic of parents who either have kids in these schools, aspire to have their kids attend them… or the ones who set big goals for their children.

*And here’s a little secret*

(This is one of the targeting option our clients who specialise in helping students score As use to get more student sign-ups)

You can even use this targeting option if you’re trying to specifically attract students from a particular school!

Perfect for centres surrounded by a cluster of schools.

Audience #5: Your Own Database

What I’m about to share with you next,

Is in my opinion,

A huge factor as to why Facebook is the best platform to do your online advertising.

Because if you’ve collected a list of emails from parents,

You can actually upload it to Facebook via:

Ad Manager > Audience > Create Audience > Custom Audience > Customer File

And you can have Facebook show your ads specifically to this group of parents.

This is definitely the most accurate form of retargeting available,

Add to the fact that every-single-cent you spend will be used to reach parents who are genuinely  interested in tuition services.

And on top of reaching the “right” kind of audience,

You can say goodbye to the weird people from foreign countries “liking” your posts!


With these 5 audiences, you should be getting pretty significant results

But what’s even more exciting is that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

There are in total, 24 different audiences that we use in our client campaigns and some of them produce overwhelming results.

One of the audiences we discovered with Le Xue Education resulted in over 92 parent enquiries within the 1st month of implementation.

Another “subject specific” audience BlueTree Education applied helped them attract more than 70 new enrollments within 4 months, “forcing” them to open another centre at Kovan (which is currently growing steadily as well).

Of course targeting is just one piece of getting enrollments from Facebook.

If you’re interested, I’ll be happy to share more about the 10 different types of advertising angles that are currently working for Singaporean parents in a centre visit appointment (read more below).