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Adam Teow is a Customer Acquisition Expert who has managed more than $5.5million dollars of advertising budget over his 5 years of experience in digital marketing for regional powerhouses such as P&G, Yahoo, and MediaCom.

The “Razer” Business Model: Why Smaller Tuition Centres Should Start With A “Niche”

Rise Conference Sharing Part #2: If you're offering English, Math & Science for Primary & Secondary School... You might have wondered if you should focus on promoting one subject at a time. This quick article should give you a little insight on how to answer that question (: One of the highlights of day 2

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Behind The Scenes: Here’s What Educators Advertising On Facebook Are REALLY Doing!

Are you struggling to hit your maximum capacity because you’re having problems getting a consistent flow of new student signups? Do you want to help more students to improve their grades with your talented teachers and excellent training methodologies, but unable to do so because you can’t attract them to your tuition centre? Then this

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4 Key Lessons Educators Can Learn From Gary Vaynerchuk CEO, Vaynermedia: RISE Conference Sharing #1

[Originally Posted In GrowthTribe Group] Here's my share from the conference. Personally, it wasn't the talk that gave me big "Ah-Ha" moments but it was a good reminder of the most important aspects of business and marketing today especially for small tuition centres & enrichment centres. Enjoy! Key lessons: #1: On Producing Content 1. Attention

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Ignore These 5 Social Media Best Practices

Having been on both sides of the fence (running digital marketing campaigns for huge brands like Coca Cola, SKII and Olay and working with over 300+ small business owners over the last 2 years), I have seen my fair share of small business owners blindly applying the social media”best practices” recommended by “social media experts”

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